Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I should be a cuff, part 2

Last January I participated in a "I should be a cuff" exchange through All About Beads. In that exchange, I put together 4 cuff kits to be distributed amongst the participants and in turn I received 4 kits.

I have used one of the kits to make a bracelet for a charity auction later this month in Oregon. I think I just might keep this one for myself!

I ended up adding the blue-green AB matte finish beads, the small salmon colored triangles, the little bugle beads and the vintage glass button used as the clasp.

It measures 7 inches long - not including the loop for the clasp and is approximately 1 1/4 inches wide.

I started with a piece of light blue stiffened felt and finished it with ultrasuede on the back.

The only thing I don't like so much about it - it looks like it has 'hair' in some places. I discovered it is coming from the felt I used at the base. I haven't had that happen to me before. I just keep 'shaving' the fibers when I see them. Macro photos are a good way to find them, it is amazing how much I find in photos that is not visible to the naked eye (even with my beading glasses on!).

Each image is clickable for a larger view.

By the way... have you checked in on the latest tally for Love Squared? It was up over $2300 last time I checked! And what about those runner up prizes??? Man oh man, I can hardly wait for October 16th!


Hélène H said...

Oh, this is beautiful, Grace !

Lynn said...

Love love love love it!!! Cuff Bracelets are the best - little works of art that you can look at throughout your day. Beautiful work Grace (as usual) :)

freebird said...

It is a beautiful cuff and you ought to keep something for yourself occasionally. You give so much to charity which is a really nice thing to do but you are important too. Of course, with the Love Squared drawing you might even win back some of your own! You truly are a very generous person. The world is a better place with people like you in it. In times like we are living knowing people like you give my hope!

abeadlady said...

I don't blame you for wanting to keep this cuff, Grace. It is gorgeous! Your additions were perfect. I love soft cuffs. They are so comfortable.


Jo Anne O. said...

Hey Grace! Thanks for stopping by and making a guess as to where I am in the photo...what a crowd! AND yes, there was a ton of passion in the gathering, especially in the group pictured...the little boy was amazing!

Lovely always do such fantastic work!


crooked heart art~tabby said...

hi grace
ahh its a beauty!! the only cuff i did was around a metal form-tough on the hands :) it ended up going to my sis for her 50th bday-i love this soft one-and it will look wonderful on you!!
thanks for sharing
enjoy your day
tammy :)

Infovorous said...

I love it too,'s such a lovely combination of colors and your design highlights those wonderful focal beads beautifully!

Sunni said...

Oh I love your cuff bracelet.
Happy belated BD ,

KV said...

Beautiful job, Grace, and you deserve to keep this one! I, too, have experienced that nasty "hair" business when using something for a base that I thought would work. Just takes a bit of experimenting to find the best material for the job.

Kathy V in NM

Henry's Mom said...

Gorgeous, Grace!

Phyl said...

Have mercy!You are just out=doing yourself!This cuff is a wondrous piece of work; love the color combinations.Of course your impeccable beading work helps, too!Keep it and enjoy it, girl...thanks for sharing your talents with us!

Pursuing Art... said...

Beautiful the colors! I, too, think you should keep this one! I agree with share so much of your heart art but you are important too!!!

And I do know about spotting things with macro photos that is not always visible to the naked eye...even with my readers on!!! Like spots on shirts! LOL! ~wink~

The excitement is building and my calendar is marked!!!

Hugs friend...~Lisa ;-)

beadbabe49 said...

hi grace...bobbi here (beadbabe49)...I'm the infovorous son was visiting and checked his email and some other stuff so when I posted, I appeared as him....didn't notice it or I would have said sooner! hope that's cleared up the mystery, lol!

Katie B said...

Grace -- I adore the way the entire design flows!
So lovely !

GraceBeading said...

Well... thanks friends! Glad you like it.

So, I've worn it twice now and I like it... but, well - I don't have much in those colors and it's just a little wide for my liking. I'm going to keep if for awhile longer and if I decide it's not something I'll wear - I'll more than likely give it away to someone. I really need to make one for me in dark blues, I know I'd wear that!

Thanks again for all the comments, I appreciate each and every one.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...



Leaves of Grass

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