Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Another year older!

I sometimes participate in swaps in a forum on Delphi - All About Beads. Last year I signed up to be included in the B4B (Beads for Birthday) swap. I celebrated a birthday over the weekend and received my much anticipated package.

There is a photo above of the goodies that arrived including several sheets of stiffened felt (one of the light blue pieces is already being used for a new cuff), several pieces of ultrasuede; beautiful bead mixes from Whimbeads, a neat glass face cab; a wonderful ceramic heart bead; curved needles and (always welcomed) chocolate.

We are not given the identity of our birthday buddy, so I have no idea who it came from. If there is a chance the person that sent me the box is someone who reads my blog I wanted them to know that I really appreciate the care and thoughtfulness put into the package.

I have another question, for those of you that do leave comments. I would like to reply to as many as possible, especially when there are specific questions. Problem with that is many of the comments left do not have an email address linked so I cannot reply directly to the person that commented. So do you come back and read the comments when you have asked a question? I have been curious about that for some time now.

Now to answer a few questions that were left in prior comments...

Denise asked if I use my color wheel often and the answer is yes - frequently, I used to refer to the wheel in Margie Deeb's book - the Beader's Guide to Color, now I have the wheel that sits on my bead station at all times.

Marty asked what I use to sign the ultrasuede on the back of my pins. I use a super fine point Sharpie pen.

Robin asked about the black beads in the corner of my September page. There is a significance to those black beads, but I'm not ready to reveal what that is - just yet.


freebird said...

Happy birthday Grace! What a great gift to receive. Hope you have a great year with plenty of time for beading.

I will come back to see replies you make under the comments. I'm trying to respond more directly to people than I have in the past but at times I just don't get there so leave a post thanking people for coming by. I think some questions are even best answered in the comments section if they might be directed towards all of the readers. Even if I don't leave a question I tend to come back for the comments to see the answer to someone else's question.

crooked heart art~tabby said...

hey girl
wishing you a belated happy birthday!!! thats a nice stash from your secret birthday buddy!! i am loving the ceramic heart and of course the chocolates!!!
i can;t think of anyone who deserves it more :)
hope your special day was full of fun and love
birthday hugs
tammy :)

abeadlady said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Grace. Hope it was a joyful, beady one.

Since I check pretty much the same blogs daily, I do go back and look at the comments too. I enjoy seeing everyone's point of view and have learned a lot from them as well.

pam T said...

Hi Grace - Happy Birthday! What a great gift you received in the mail to brighten the day!
Thanks for your comments on my pages -
I too always try to get back to blogs and have started clicking the button that allows for follow-ups on everyones' blogs to be e-mailed right to me, so I can see what other people are asking and commenting about...
I always enjoy seeing your page especially - you always seem to create such happy works of art!

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Grace! Enjoy your B4B treasures. What a nifty idea that is. Please post what you make from it!

KV said...

Happy belated birthday, Grace! I just know you will put all of those birthday goodies to wonderful use . . .

Kathy V in NM

Dot said...

What a great idea to have a birthday buddy who sends you things you love!

Look forward to seeing what you do with this lovely stash..

Dot said...

P.S Sorry I missed your birthday. I feel a bit guilty after you sent me a birthday package.

Margie Deeb said...

Happy Birthday Grace!

I'm glad to hear you use the color wheel in The Beader's Guide to Color, and I hope you are enjoying the book.



Pursuing Art... said...

Happy Belated Birthday Grace! What a lovely gift from your birthday buddy! I'm sure it put a smile on your face and brightened your day!

I always enjoy reading all the comments that everyone leaves. I think if you aren't able to answer someone directly to a question they have asked, answering on your blog (like you did here) is a great idea!!!

Hugs...~Lisa ;-)

Big Sky Dreamer said...

Happy Birthday and thank you for the wonderful shares on your blog. This is a new adventure for me, getting my feet wet(so to speak)on blogging. A seasoned beader with another interest! Need to get a bigger plate.. (smile) grateful, beej

Hélène H said...

Happy Birthday, and many happy returns !

Phyl said...

Belated VERY happy birthday greetings to you!
And what a great batch of goodies from the beady bd
swap!I know you'll make more gorgeous thingies!

Double Infinity said...

I too like to read the comments - you offer such great advice and info.

In fact, i could write a book called "Everything I Learned About Beading I Learned from Grace". The text would consist of your blog site. Do you think it would sell? Just Joking!!!! But it's true!

GraceBeading said...

My goodness... thank you a million times for all the good wishes, I appreciate it so much!

Thanks also for the feedback on the comments - I do like to hear what everyone has to say on the subject. I think I will continue to come back and post in the comments section when there are specific questions to answer.

Double Infinity... blushing here, thank you for the high compliment!

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