Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A great mail day...

And I wasn't even here!

While I was out of town I received a couple of wonderful packages, the first one from my friend Dot in Australia. The originator of the Dotee Doll - how cool is that?

This was a trade - one of my beaded dolls for a large and small Dotee doll, I couldn't be more pleased. To have this waiting for me when I got home - after the week I had - was such a joy and a blessing.

Just look at those faces! Could they be any more precious?

Thank you so much Dot for creating these for me - they will both have a place of honor in my home, I absolutely love them!


girl_gone_thread_wild said...

So beautiful & the colors fit your personality to a T. I just adore these dolls! Thank you for sharing the beauty of swapping on your blog Grace. Aren't arty friends the best in the world!!! Sweet blessings, Monica :)

freebird said...

These are cute. Hope it helped to make up for your bad week.

I am making my very first Dotee doll and it's for the February TIF challenge. I haven't yet posted anything either on my blog or flickr as I started it soon as I got the idea yesterday and am almost done already so figure I'll post when she's done. I'm excited to have a reason to make one of these dolls.

GardenGoose said...

this is the first time(through your blog) that I have seen this type of doll..I had never heard of them up until this point. I simply must do research to find out more about them.
I was so delighted to have been chosen in your drawing to be able to see/own one of them in person.
Now to learn more..I simply must!they are wonderful little creations.
thanks ever so much.

Awareness said...

Hi there.

I love this little doll. Adorable.

thank you for leaving such GREAT love stories on my blog. :) Hope you visit again soon.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Dot said...

I am SO pleased you like the dolls I made for you Grace! And that they cheered you up after you being so ill. Was so sorry to hear that you came down with a nasty virus. And hope you are feeling much better each day.

I know my dolls will be VERY happy in your home. And the exquisite beaded doll you made for me will always be one of my most treasured posessions. And everyone I show it to (arty and non arty friends alike) adore it. And look at it over and over again.

Bless you for your generosity, thoughtfulness and incredible talent!

Take good care

Dot xx

GraceBeading said...

Thanks so much for the comments friends. Monica and Dot... arty are certainly something special. I feel so lucky to have so many that I call my friends.

Freebird - I'll be checking your blog to see how you progress with your Dotee doll, beware - you cannot only make one!

Tina - you will feel the special magic of a Dotee doll when yours arrives, they are guaranteed to bring a smile!

Awareness, thanks for stopping by and for the Valentine wishes

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