Monday, February 11, 2008

Where I've been...

My apologies for appearing to abandon my blog. I was out of town for a week for work and during that time acquired one of the worst virus' I have had in close to 30 years.

I know there are lots of people out there fighting 'bugs' of all strains. It's no fun for sure. It's REALLY no fun when you're alone in a hotel room without the comforts of home (and your own bed).

I'm slowing coming back to life and even beading if just a little (you KNOW I was sick - I had no desire to even bead).

I am so pleased at the response of the One World One Heart event (see previous post) - I want to add another item or 2 to up the odds of winning. I'm not sure yet what I will add to my offering, but you can be sure it/they will include BEADS!

I hope everyone is well. I have to say while I was gone I received 2 wonderful packages which provided a much needed boost. I will post photos soon with all the details.


GreenishLady said...

Hope you manage to shake the bug off completely. Look after yourself! Glad you found your way to my blog to enter my giveaway. It's so great meeting all these new people! [oh... and I can relate to the misery of illness while in a hotel room. I had a 1 a.m. call a couple of months ago from my son, stranded in Prague with the miseries... "Mu-u-um... I'm sick...." He just needed me to know!

KV said...

Gosh, I just knew something was wrong! Get better real soon, Grace -- we miss your beautiful posts . . .

Kathy V in NM

Kathy Wagner said...

Yes...I have been checking in and wondering how you are! So glad to hear you are on the mend...take good care of yourself.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Gosh, hope you give that bug a good beadin'!!! Glad you're home, safe & sound. Your email clearly shared your trials...nothing like being sick and away from loved ones. Be well. Chat soon, Monica

tammy said...

hi grace
eck-oh i know that bug/virus too :(
i hope you are much better soon
snuggle up and take good care of yourself

Phyl said...

Oh, sorry you
were sick; and doubly so
because you were away
from home while sickly!
Snuggle in your own bed
now and nap a lot; bead
some; hope you can eat a
little chocolate soon!
Missed your blogging!

GraceBeading said...

Thanks friends... with the exception of a bit of an ear thing and a cough, I'm back to my cranky old self :-) Thanks so much for all the well wishes, I really do appreciate it!

urepanse said...

I'm not too good on your language, but I hope, you are better soon.I sending you many many love, to healing you!

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