Thursday, December 17, 2009

Use The Muse III... Transformer

Here is my entry for the latest Use the Muse contest. Since the results have now been posted, I can share full photos of my piece.

I originally made this style of bag for the last Beading for a Cure auction (that bag goes up for auction sometime next March by the way) and it is one of my very favorite pieces. I have wanted to make another ever since I finished the first one.

I love the colors in this Muse kit and thought it would be a good time to do another small bag. The deadline is a quite a bit tighter for the Use the Muse contest so I had make this bag smaller. This bag is closer to amulet size. The pattern is modified from one found in "Beaded Embellishment" by Amy C. Clarke & Robin Atkins

I incorporated leaf beads, treasured vintage sequins and fresh water pearls in addition to the kit components that were provided.

I started with a beautiful piece of fabric, matching the beads perfectly. The beading was completed on two separate pieces, each piece was then lined with gold Ultrasuede, then sandwiched together.

The 'muse' is the beautiful butterfly component which I anchored to the back of the bag.

The finished bag is slightly larger than the palm of my hand measuring just over 3 inches tall (not including the fringe) and 3 inches wide. The chain measures about 25 inches long, which is long enough to slip over my head. I named it 'Transformer' and dedicate it to a little boy experiencing profound change in his young life.

Head on over to the Use the Muse webpage to check out the winners as well as all the wonderful entries. Be prepared to stay awhile - there's a good amount of them!

Before you go - I'm having a drawing for a little orange pin - see the blog entry 2 posts down and throw your name in the hat if you are so inclined. Comments will be open until approx midnight eastern time tomorrow (or whenever I remember to turn them off ). I will draw a name sometime on Saturday.

Have fun!


Carol said...

Its a lovely piece Grace. I am headed there now to check out the entries.

I love your pin too and I'd be glad to have it!

Merry Christmas.

KV said...

Gorgeous job, Grace!!!

Kathy V in NM

*~tabby~* crooked heart art said...

just beautiful grace
i swear girl you have magic in your finger tips :D
many thanks for sharing
enjoy your day

freebird said...

It looks wonderful Grace. Just beautiful.

GraceBeading said...

Thanks all... glad you like it!

Carol Dean said...

Grace, your bag is beautiful, your beading exquisite! :D

abeadlady said...

Ooooh! I like this one! My colors too. You just get better all the time. Have a wonderful holiday, Grace.

Lynn said...

The judges must be blind - how you didn't win I'll never know! This is awesome!!! Beautiful Job Grace!

Anonymous said...

I love your bag and am surprised it didn't win. Since UST IV has categories it should open the competition to more entries.

Beadily yours
Susan E Feldkamp
Night Beader

Pursuing Art... said...

Gorgeous bag, Grace! Exquisite beading, as always!!! The colors are beautiful and adore the copper butterfly muse.

I will look forward to seeing the other entries...after the holiday! XO

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