Monday, December 14, 2009

Use the Muse III - the big reveal is coming soon!

As soon as it was announced that the kits were available for the third round of the Use the Muse Contest, I bought my kit. I have entered every one of the muse contests to date and it's been fun. I like kits made up by someone else and I really enjoy seeing what a group of people from all over create with the same kit.

Here is a peek at my piece for this round

I have thoroughly enjoyed the colors and components of each kit, but I have especially enjoyed the surprise of seeing the muse for the first time when the kit arrives. For me - it is what drives the design of the completed project. I do not consider myself a jewelry maker, so these contests have stretched me in that regard. Many times I might prefer to make a doll or something that can hang on a wall, neither of which is 'wearable' but is a requirement of the contest.

The big reveal will happen on Thursday, December 17 and at some point after it is revealed on the Use the Muse site, I will make a blog post with several photos of my entry.

Here are my entries from the prior Use the Muse contests
First round, the muse was a brass component, I made the brooch seen below (which I kept)

Use the Muse I

Winners for round one can be viewed HERE.

The muse for the second round was a shell pendant, below is my entry for that round and a necklace was a big stretch for me. The wonderful face was created by Jen Martin of GraphixOutpost. This piece was donated and auctioned off at a benefit dinner hosted by Candlelighters for Children with Cancer. Wish I knew how much it raised, but I can't get anyone to tell me!

Use the Muse II

Winners for round two can be viewed HERE

Check back on Thursday if you are interested in seeing complete photos of my entry for round three.


Katie B said...

You make me want to enter the next round :)

Heather said...

Yum, just love what I can see of your entry. Your other pieces are super fab, too. ;-)

*~tabby~* crooked heart art said...

hi grace
beautiful beautiful and inspiring as always-i love the one you did using jen's face cab
and you were smart to keep the other one for your self-mmmm yummy!
thanks for sharing
enjoy your day
tabby :)
p.s. i posted my WIP using one of lisa's cabs on my blog-
it needs something-but i am not quite sure what yet...its a bit boring i think

Carol said...

Merry Christmas!!
I loved your past pieces. Can't wait to see what you did with Muse III

freebird said...

It's looking so rich and lovely. Can't wait to see what it looks like altogether.

Quilter Kathy said...

Hi Grace! Looking forward to the big reveal!
Happy Holidays!

a2susan said...

Hi, Grace. You're piece looks enticing, can't wait to see the final result on Thursday. It's fun to be challenged and it will be fun to see all the entries.


GraceBeading said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note, I appreciate it!

Katie - I keep saying I'll sit out the next round, then I see the beads/components (minus the muse) and my resistance evaporates!

Heather - thank you! I've seen a peek of your entry as well and I LOVE the chain on it - it's beautiful.

Tammy - I hope to see you enter one of these soon!

Carol - Merry Christmas to you too, I'm sitting here hitting refresh at the UTM site about every 30 seconds.

Timaree, Kathy, Susan - thanks ladies, I'm waiting patiently to see all the wonderful eye candy. Still not sure what I'll do with mine, but I do like to get it and and just touch it :-)

Pursuing Art... said...

Looking forward to seeing your 3rd Use the Muse piece. Adore the past two pieces you made.

Didn't know you sent the necklace. I can't believe the girls won't tell you how much it went for at Candlelighters! ~wink~ I'm sure it went for a nice sum, Grace, and a wonderful cause. XO

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