Friday, September 11, 2009

On a roll...

Seems I am on a bit of a roll with beading lately and it feels pretty good! I finished up the kitty face for the collaboration piece mentioned in my last post. I just basically colored it with beads.

Laurel Burch fabrics are so colorful and fun. I am very excited to see the whole finished piece once my friends add their magic.

In addition to finishing the face I beaded up this little pin/pendant for a fund raising auction at work. I started with a 25mm glass cab with this star (star fish? sand dollar?) pattern encased in the glass.

I added these pretty size 11/0 mottled purple beads in the bezel topped with transparent size 15/0 purple beads. There are size 8/0 silver lined beads around the outside and on the edge.

Because it was really hard to capture this without glare, I took several shots at different angles.

I backed it with a light purple Ultrasuede and added a pin back with bail.

For the auction I added the hand dyed purple satin ribbon that was included in my Use the Muse II kit. It matched the cab perfectly - I love it when things work out that way!

Next up... my very own tiara. I ordered a kit from Nancy Eha for her Embellished Tiara challenge after seeing it posted on Dulcey's blog. The theme ... All about the sparkle. How could I resist.

After that or in the meantime, I MUST take the time to learn/practice RAW (right angle weave). I should know that basics (at a minimum) prior to the Bead Retreat in Lake Tahoe (see the class titled "Queen Anne's Lace").

In between all the beading, I'm spending as much time as possible with family. The newest addition is growing so fast. Changing so much each time I see her. Here's a photo I took last weekend - she's is just over 3 months old now and ever the cutie!


Carol said...

Man Grace, you have sure been busy creating some great pieces. Love the pic of the baby. She SURE IS growing. Don't blink, she'll be in school!!!

Dulcey said...

Yay, I can't wait to see your tiara! Have fun with it.

Hélène H said...

Wow, lovely cat, and lovely baby !

pam T said...

Incredible Grace, when you decide to get beading, you go all out. these pieces are beautiful! and the baby, OMG she's a cutie. Yeah, definitely don't blink, she'll be getting her driver's license before you know it....!!

KV said...

Awesome goodies, Grace!

Kathy V in NM

Maggie R said...

Fabulous work Grace,
I love your idea of the pin back as well as a bale...
You get so much done..
I am still working on my 14" bendi doll that I chose to bead for the "Button Challenge" on Beaded Art Doll Group.remember that?? Must be 3 years ago!! I am 2/3 done...sigh!Will post a picture when I am done... Should we live that long!!hahaahahah

Quilter Kathy said...

Hi Grace! I popped in for some beady inspiration.
Love your new pieces! I especially love the pin with the Lisa Peters swirly centre...really gorgeous!

meredith said...

i love your bead work! thanks for sharing!

Pursuing Art... said...

*LOVE* the lion pin and the mane is perfect around the face!!! Laurel's fabrics are SO fantastic. Someone is going to love wearing this pin/pendant, Grace. Looking forward to you sharing the whole piece.

Beautiful purple brooch too! That cab is so cool!

Alicia is so CUTE!!! Love those huge blue eyes...what a doll! They grow and change SO fast, don't they? XO ~me

Dot said...

Awrr....your newest grandchild is gorgeous Grace! What a sweetie. Love the lion pin and the purple brooch. You and Lisa inspire me so much with your bead art! I have started to use sixe 15/0 beads now to get more detail - love em!
Dot xx

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