Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Earrings, a pin and a collaboration in progress

I am having the best time! In addition to making pins/brooches for a swap at the Bead Retreat, I beaded up a couple of items for a fund raising auction at work. Seems it's that time of year.

One last (for now) pair of earrings. They just might be my favorites. I've had these vintage German glass cabs for a few years and just love them. They look like Lily of the Valley flowers to me - what do you think?

They are tiny, all beads used are size 15. The ear wires are 14k gold filled and they are backed with brown Ultrasuede

Next, I finished a brooch. I started with a beautiful raku button by Lisa Peters, it has a brown swirl with blue flecks in the background - I love her 'stuff'.

I was having a little issue with glare on the day I snapped the photos, so 2 of them here - between the two of them I think the colors are well represented.

It measures about 2 inches including the outside beads, the dangle adds about another inch. It is backed with brown Ultrasuede.

I'm also working on a beaded pin as part of a collaboration with a couple of friends for a fund raiser for Candlelighters for Children with cancer in Portland. We have worked together on a couple of other quilted/beaded projects and always have a great time doing it. We live in different states (Oregon, Minnesota, Indiana) and manage to coordinate some pretty neat projects, all by email.

My partners... Bobbie in Oregon and Anne in Minnesota, they are sisters and between them have an amazing array of creative talents including (but not limited to) sewing, quilting, painting, knitting, beading, felting and creating pottery. Several years ago, we happened to meet on a volunteer vacation in Eastern Kentucky. I would be remiss if I did not mention Sammie (from Washington) - the woman that completes our circle, she keeps up laughing and very well fed when we are together. I would direct you to photos of their work, but alas - none of them have websites or blogs. They donate the bulk of their creations to a wide range of worthy causes. I'm lucky to call them my friends!

So the project we are working on now began with a large (approx 24 x 45 inches) Laural Burch panel - Secret Jungle. Bobbie will be working some sort of quilt magic and Anne will add her beautiful embroidery to the piece. For my part, Bobbie sent an extra panel of the fabric - I cut out one of the cat faces (I know... it felt so wrong to cut into it) and am working on beading it up and adding a pin back. It will then be attached to the larger piece as a removable/wearable component. The entire piece will be auctioned off at the Harvest of Hope Dinner in Portland, OR on October 24.

While I'm on the topic of kids with cancer, and if you're so inclined - please pray/send positive thoughts for a precious and brave little girl named Regina and her equally brave and precious family. They could use it right now. I don't know them personally, but have been following her blog for quite awhile.


KV said...

Beautifully made goodies, Grace! And I see your great big heart has inspired you yet again . . . .

Kathy V in NM

Walden said...

Very beautiful!

Carol said...

Grace, I want you knack of selecting just the right bead and knowing how to use it to make a project pop.

I give the majority of my items away also. Gratification in both the creation and the giving.

You ARE lucky to have accumulated so many friends all over the country. I hope you will post pics of the Laura Burch project. I absolutely love her fabrics. She was such a wonderful creator of colorful designs.

pam T said...

gorgeous, Grace! like Carol said, you sure know how to make stuff POP!
prayers and thoughts being sent to Regina.

abeadlady said...

I'm going to be really disappointed if I don't get a pair of those earrings in the swap. Yummy! I'm working on my pins and earrings now.
Prayers and positive thoughts being sent out for Regina and her family, as well as all those children who suffer from cancer.

Pursuing Art... said...

Love the earrings and brooch...they are gorgeous! The earring cabs sure look like Lily of the Valley to me, they are precious! You must be counting down the days now...what fun!

I just posted about Harvest of Hope on my blog! ;-) I can't wait to see pictures of the Laurel Burch quilt panel and your pin...I know your collaboration will be spectacular and will raise good dollars for such a worthy cause!

Sending warm and positive thoughts to Regina and her family...~Lisa

freebird said...

Very nice. I don't think I know anyone else as busy beading as you are!

Hélène H said...

Beautiful !

lisa peters ART said...

Grace, You are such an amazing person!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

Oh Grace...these are BEAUTIFUL ---Just like you!!

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