Thursday, June 11, 2009

There is never enough time...

Is there? I whined so much here through the too many cold months you know I'm taking every advantage I can of the nice, warm weather. Spending a lot of time with family and thoroughly enjoying every minute - ESPECIALLY the new granddaughter, I could just sit and stare at her for hours.

While I have not posted here as frequently as I have in the past, I have continually worked on beading projects - not as fanatically as I do in the colder months, but there is always a work in progress at my bead station as evidenced in the photo at the beginning of this post. Click on it for a super close up. Note, the seed beads are size 15/0, the margaritas (Swarovski 3700) are 6mm and the bicones are size 3mm

I just finished a bead embroidered bracelet as well. I'll post about that once I get the photos cropped and re-sized.

And for anyone that does not read Monica's blog (do they really exist?), she is gearing up for Part 2 of the Pink Artists Drawing and has put the call out for art. I've added a button to my blog up on the right and below is the awesome graphic created just for part 2 by Sandy over at Art Tea Life. I'm mulling over ideas of what I'll make for this round.

If you want to get involved as a participant, click the button above or up on the right side of my blog. All proceeds go to breast cancer research AND it's a blast to boot! Think about joining me, won't you?

So, in my last post I mentioned that I just passed my 2 year anniversary and this is my 225 post. I know - I can't believe it either, where has the time gone???

I wanted to do something special in celebration of my blogiversary and thought it would really be nice to recognize the folks that visit and have really gone out of their way to show their support by consistently commenting AND that have not won anything here on my blog before. So... I've gone through my stash of beady items I've created that need a new home and will be sending items off to:

Timaree aka Freebird- she is always creating something and she comments on EVERY post, thanks so much for your support.
Carol - we haven't known each other as long, but I certainly feel the love. AND a fellow Hoosier! (I need your mailing address by the way).
Lynn - an absolutely amazing bead artist, her work literally takes my breath away. (I need your mailing address as well).
Lisa - awwwww, sweet Lisa - another amazing bead artist that inspires me with each and every thing she creates. The only beady blogger/online friend I have met. I only hope we can meet up again, we didn't have nearly enough time last time!

Other frequent commenter's I want to mention that have been such an incredible support and inspiration to me ...
Monica - she's actually the one that pushed me (gently) into blogging and is probably the most frequent commenter on my blog. She was also my biggest cheerleader as I began my journey into beaded dolls. For that alone, I will be forever grateful. I look forward to the day when we finally meet face to face.
Arline - so kind, so nice and a wonderful beader
Doris - a kindred spirit and a very generous soul.
Tammy - we go WAY back to my beginning days of beading and share not just a fondness for beading, but a deep love of animals and all things in nature.

Thank you all so much for your support these past 2 years. I appreciate it more than you know.


Carol said...

How very nice of you to choose me! I am so honored and excited. Thank you.

I always look for your posts. You always have something interesting to share.

BTW, Your little girl is growing fast. She is so beautiful. An angel.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

SHE has to be the prettiest baby on the planet, I can see why you can hardly put her down.. and YES! blogging takes a backseat when you have HER BEAUTIFUL FACE to dream away into!

Grace, THAT WILL BE THE DAY when we meet face to face.. you imagine?!! You'd see just how GOOFY I really am (oh, have you not picked up on that yet?).. I couldn't turn that switch off if I TRIED..

your blog is ONE OF MY FAVES.. real down to earth and JOYFUL, telling of yur adventures in beading and in LIFE.. thank you for sharing your world with us.. this is one channel I just wouldn't turn off!!!


freebird said...

Gulp! Two years now?!! Just be careful - you will look at that little granddaughter and she'll be out climbing trees the next time! Boy, time flies by.

I was beginning to think you were Super Beader with all you get done. It's good to take a break for grandchildren.

But don't quit blogging - keep on slogging!

abeadlady said...

Having been the recipient of your prizes in the past, I know just how much your winners will enjoy their gifts. Watching your blog is a joy as you have such a positive outlook and your beading is exquisite. Congrats on you blogiversary. May you have many more.

flyingbeader said...

What a beautiful little girl. I can't imagine the joy you are feeling at looking at her. Happy Anniversary too!


a2susan said...

Hi, Grace. Thanks for posting on my blog.

Your new granddaughter, Alicia, is absolutely precious. I can see why you just want to be with her and look at her and enjoy that new baby scent.

Enjoy this nice time.


Lynn said...

OH my gosh! I was just catching up with my blog reading,and what a surprise! Thanks Grace! Litle Alicia makes me go ~sigh~ nothing like a baby girl to bring life into focus.

*~tabby~* crooked heart art said...

hi grace
mmmmmmm love that precious little girl~nothing smells better than a sweet little babe :)
we do go back a long ways don't we!
congrats on your blog-a-versary!
heres to many more
x's & o's
tammy :)

Henrysmomsmusings said...

You are more than welcome, Grace. You do know that the help and support you've given me over the past 2 years has been invaluable, don't you?

Pursuing Art... said...

OMG, Grace!!! I'm waiting for my face to resume its more natural color, as I am burning brightly, and for the MAJOR hot flash I'm experiencing to pass! Good grief, my ticker is racing...are you trying to do this old girl in?! ;-)

Me?...YOU are the one who is SWEET and AMAZING, GRACE!!! You know that I will always support you, your blog and your exquisite beadwork! You've been such an inspiration to me and so many others and it is always a treat to visit! Every time you post you set the bar higher for me to keep trying and learning. Thank you for including me...I am so touched and honored that you would! Happy 2nd Blogiversary and thank you for sharing with us all!

I have to agree...there is never enough time. The older I get...the faster it seems to go too. Mark and I were just saying the other day...where does the day go?!

Alicia is so beautiful! I don't blame you one bit for enjoying every moment with her and family...and some warm weather too!

Hugs to you my friend...~Lisa

Pursuing Art... said...

P.S. I don't know why I just thought of this now...but I forgot to say that the blooming flowers are beautiful! ;-)

Quilter Kathy said...

Congratulations on your new grandbaby! She is so beautiful!

Mary Timme said...

What a cute baby girl! Oh, don't you just love looking. I tend to get bored just holding babies, but I love to watch and sketch. That is the best fun!

Saw your blog from Timmaree's blog and had to look.

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