Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A bracelet just for me...

I've been slow to post lately... not because I don't have anything to share, I just haven't made enough time to take photos, crop, size then sit and write. I'm far to easily distracted!

There has been so much going on in and baseball games, yard work and just staring at my new granddaughter among other things. Ah, bliss!

One of the several project I have been working on is this cuff/bracelet. The focal is a ceramic shank button by Lisa Peters.

The vast majority of the Beads & Supplies were provided by Aunties Beads.

I did not end up using any of the chips, they were a bit too big, but aren't they wonderful?

I love this bracelet, it fits like a dream and the colors are beautiful.

One of the things I struggle with in bracelets are clasps and for a change - this one works wonderfully. It is a peyote stitched tube sewn onto the bracelet with the loop being a simple one with two rounds of beads.

And the back is soft blue Ultrasuede

So, the only problem... can/did you spot it? I was heartsick when I noticed it. If you look at the photo above you will see a row of topaz beads missing on the right side up by the flower. It won't stop me from wearing it though.

Other supplies used - vintage cobalt blue nailheads, bugle beads and size 4mm Swarovski bicones.

All photos are clickable for a larger view (careful that second one is JUMBO sized)

Stay tuned, there is lots of good stuff to come in the near future on my latest Bead Journal Project pages; a donation for the Pink Artist Project Block Party and teaser photos for Use the Muse Part II.


freebird said...

Now that's the sort of mistake I make too often. Yes, I wear my mistakes too. The rest of it is too nice not too and it just shows how human we are. I once knit a sweater with a diamond pattern with holes and I missed making a hold right in front. I wore that sweater for 20 years and no one but me ever noticed. Don't point out your mistake when you wear it and almost no one will notice.

KV said...

Beautiful work as always, Grace!

Kathy V in NM

Carol said...

beautiful bracelet. Your mistake encourages me. Why? Because I am a normal person who makes those mistakes also, not a judge or critic, and I didn't notice it until you pointed it out to us. So I am at ease a bit. Being a perfectionist, I had those kind of mistakes.

I have been working on the Muse too. Started and restarted testing techinique to make it look in reality whay my mind has designed. You encouraged me to participate this time. My friend Deb made sure that happened. I couldn't be happier. It is building my confidence that I can work with little beads as well as I did stringing larger.

Love your bracelet.

pam T said...

beautiful bracelet and even more beautiful granddaughter! Aren't babies wonderful? They cause a stillness in us to just sit and gaze for hours at their perfection.
I've missed you Grace! I knew there was someone I forgot to add to my list to follow on my blog but hadn't heard from you... now I can put you on there!

Henrysmomsmusings said...

Grace, It's a beautiful bracelet. I doubt anybody would have noticed the missing row if you hadn't pointed it out. I love your closure. Claps, snaps have always been something I struggled with - and still do. This one is perfect. Enjoy your new bracelet!

Maggie R said...

Hi Grace...
Yes I noticed the missing beads right away.........KIDDING!!!!
No I didn't. I was too busy admiring the beauty of the colors and the medallion . The only bracelet I made like this was done on a form and I found it so hard to finish the inside.... I will try one flat like you have sometime, I'm sure I will enjoy the process a lot more...
Congrats on the new grand daughter. I know what you mean. My neighbour just had a baby girl and I said I wouldn't get anything done all day if she was mine except look at her and play with her!!!!
Hope you are having a nice summer, it is very hot here and I am staying inside even tho my garden needs me!

Hélène H said...

It's gorgeous !

flyingbeader said...

I never noticed until you said to LOOK. But you know what, why have both sides look alike? I actually on purpose made the sides of my bracelets look different because one day I might wear it so I'm admiring one side, the other day the other side. I took one in to a class I was teaching & one of my students said, "but aren't they suppose to match". I told her who says so...the bead police? So hey, who cares...Design flaw is a creative breakthrough.


Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, Grace...I didn't notice at all until you pointed it out. I was too busy admiring it. It is beautiful just the way it is! I love the blue and gold beads and that button too.

And, I agree, nobody is going to notice. It only bothers us because we weren't intending for it to be that way. It's funny, we have a small handmade oriental rug and it always used to bug me that the rug was not made with the same design on either side of the center medallion. But come to find out, the country that makes them does not match the designs on either side. I finally came to respect that and I really like it now just for that reason.

It turned out beautiful just the way it is and I'm glad you'll still wear it and enjoy it.

I'm always tuned in and will look forward to you sharing again soon! ~Lisa

Lynn said...

I love your artistic interpretation of the design - that's my spin on the word 'mistake'. There are no mistakes in art! lol

This is a great cuff (you know I love cuffs). I hear you loud and clear on the closure/clasp issue. That's why I always opt for using a bracelet blank! Just lazy, I guess :)

Mary Timme said...

I've done that a time or two also. Maddening isn't it. I have one with a loose string and it shows! Argh! I put the ultrasuede on with never a thought to being able to take it off again.

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