Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tagged again... and out of town!

I was tagged by Lynn and I think someone else - sorry I can't remember . This is the third or fourth time I've been tagged. It seems everyone I know that blogs has already been tagged so I'll spare you all anymore tags.

I'm supposed to post 7 little known facts about me - Since I've done this before, how about a few items related to well known people.

1. I have held an official Superbowl ring in my hand. I was talking to Dave Butz (Washington Redskins) at the time and he was gracious in taking it off so we could examine and admire it.

2. The woman that handed me Dave's ring... Sharon Costner (mother of Kevin - yes that Kevin). I was involved in a conversation with Dave Butz, Sharon and Bill Costner. We were at a celebrity fund raiser (I think it was to benefit an Olympic team).

3. Many years ago, I went to the home of Erik Estrada in the Hollywood Hills. Him, his wife, my date and I were getting ready go to an outing together. He graciously let us use his pool house to get ready for our outing. In that pool house... is where he stored the motorcycle he used in CHiPs. There was no way for me to resist, I HAD to climb up on it and take my photo. I didn't tell him.

4. I've crossed paths with O.J. Simpson twice, once in Laguna Beach, CA and once in New York, both completely by accident.

5. I was filmed shotgun shooting in a show that aired on the History Channel, the show was titled - History's Mysteries - Amazon Women. In the show, they show a friend of mine shooting a shot gun for the first time.

Back to just me...

6. When I was 21, I collected my mail general delivery as I did not have an address. I also did not own a car and used the public bus system to get everywhere.

7. In 2000 I suffered from liver failure and was nearly killed by a simple medical procedure that was supposed to help diagnose the issue causing the liver failure, but instead caused acute pancreatitis. I spent 9 days in the hospital and was not properly diagnosed (with chronic hepatitis) for another year. In 2002 I went through weekly (self administered) interferon shots and daily anti-viral pills. I managed to beat the virus after 48 weeks of treatment.

So now that's out of the way... I'm out of town until October 29. I'm traveling to Oregon to see friends and to just relax! One of my plans while I'm there is to meet Lisa - another beader I've come to know through my blog... how fun is that?

I hope you all have a great week - see you when I get back!


beadbabe49 said...

give lisa a hug from me and I hope you'll be taking your camera!

KV said...

Love your twist on that tag game, Grace. Hope you have wonderful trip and I just know Lisa will be jumping for joy to see you!

Kathy V in NM

freebird said...

You've led an interesting life! Hope you have an enjoyable get-away.

Lynn said...

Thanks for indulging (again) in the tag game. Have a safe trip!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

AACK! To have TWO close calls... one being liver failure (?) and th eother crossing paths with O.J.!!!

(alright I hope YOU are laughing, otherwise I sound mean, mean, mean)

So HAPPY you are in my life Miss Grace!

And look at you livin' the good life with celebs!

I guess you wouldn't have taken the ring and RUUUUUN... with HIM to chase after you to retrieve it!

Well, good fortune seems to folow you around.

Keep living that blessed life.

your friend, Monica :)

p.s. missin' you already

p.s..s. the verification code reads, "redne..." Think they're trying to tell me something (redneck)??? hmm.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...


When will I learn???

ALWAYS check for typos prior to leaving a comment.

I can splll, really I Kan.

Pursuing Art... said...

I'm with Kathy...nice twist and yep...Lisa was jumping for joy to see you!!! ;-)

Wow...on #'s 1-4! I would have climbed on that bike for a snap too! I think I remember 5 & 6 from before. But, I didn't know about #7. OMG, how sad that you had to be subjected to acute pancreatitis and in the hospital for nine days and not properly diagnosed for another year! I am so sorry! What a long and tough time Grace! I do understand the 48 weeks. My BIL (husband's older brother) just finished his 48 weeks this April. It was a difficult year for he and his wife. He was very sick and SO fatigued. He is finally feeling better and is back to work. I am just grateful that you beat the virus and survived through the treatment...it is very tough!

Hugs friend...~Lisa ;-)

Sunni said...

OH no.....
I tagged you too,
I didn't realize until I posted you had been tagged....lol..
well now they get to read your story twice..hugs,

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