Thursday, September 11, 2008

Home early, work space and another face...

Well... that didn't last long - the trip I mean! It was a tough trip out, I'm not a morning person and my flight was at 6:00. I tried my best to sleep on the planes (I had a layover in Atlanta), but it's never terribly comfortable trying to cram into a space meant for an average 12 year old with your back straight up and down. I don't have one of the neck pillow things - I hate the feeling of waking up - mouth hanging agape, facing the aisle and some poor unsuspecting traveler! Anyway, I made it to West Palm Beach and was well into my work and focused on meeting a deadline when I got a call... the job has been postponed - really? I had just unpacked my 10 days worth of clothes and was now being told to start checking for flights out the next morning. After a break for a well deserved margarita and dinner, I started packing back up to leave the next morning and am happy to be home now.

So one of the first blogs I visited is that of Denise of Bits of Beads and Fibers where she posted a giveaway for beads - she asked folks to post photos of their bead desk. So that is mine at the top of this post - a closer up shot of my little creative space. And just above from a bit of a distance. I use an old custom made work station that was originally built for the Mister's tattoo shop. It is black with a red, white and black tile top. I have a piece of vellux on top of a piece of foam - it's about 9 x 12 and works perfectly for me! When I travel, I roll it up and take it with me - perfect!

I love my little corner in the living room. I have several cats so it is a necessity that I keep my projects put away. I use cigar boxes for each project, so I can have more than one going at once and keep them out of harms way. When I sit to bead, I spread everything out and go from there.

Before I left, I completed another face (actually 2, but the last one will be another post). So here I introduce Twilight. Isn't she sweet? This is another face by Jen Martin. I have quite a stash of her faces and found myself reaching for one yet again. This one is about 1 1/2 inches around and unlike the others is held down with peyote stitch. I really like these colors.


Hélène H said...

Twilight is very sweet, even nicer than the sun ! Look forward to seing the other one.

I was amazed to see your working corner, given the theme of my 2008 BJP ! Do you think it's because I keep your gift near my bed that I was inspired to choose these colors ? ;o)


Denise said...

I like your work space! Do you use your colour wheel often? I think of mine, and I have used it sometimes. I love how your beads are close by. Mine are in two places which makes it hard to access what I have and sometimes I forget to go looking and just use what I have!
You work spaces is so increadibly neat!!!
Thanks for posting!!!
Cheers, Denise

beadbabe49 said...

I'm another fan of your workspace, grace! I also sit facing a corner but have a couple of windows on either side that catch the morning light.
And another delightful face!

Pursuing Art... said...

Well...I'm glad you are home safe but what a 'pain' to pack for 10 days...get there and be told the job had been postponed!??!! You poor thing!!!

Your art room looks great Grace! And, I love Twilight! Jen's faces are so expressive and cool!

Have a nice weekend girl!!! You deserve it after the week you had!

Hugs...~Lisa ;-)

freebird said...

Looks like a great workspace. Books and beads close by. I need to take up the idea of closed storage for each project. I use washed foam meat trays and they tip and spill so easily.

That's another great face pin. I took an unexpected trip so haven't gotten mine done yet.

Glad you are safely back home. This storm looks like a bad one.

Murphy said...

Another reason to love kitties: they help you being an organized and neat beader! LOL

That's another beautiful face with purty colors!

Meow meow


Marty S said...

I love your bead surrounded faces. They are all so different. What do you use to sign the ultrasuede on the back? I haven't had much luck getting anything to stay on the ultrasuede. It all seems to rub off.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

Iowa Sunshine said...

Wow! What a gorgeous pin! I can see why you'd protect that from your kitties. They tend to want to help. =) I know mine do. I love looking at your things. They are always so very beautiful. =) HUGS, Judy

girl_gone_thread_wild said...


from outer space,
with that proud look upon your face,


(the song won't stop... it just keeps ringing in my ears, I certainly HOPE you know the song I mean, cuz it just keeps going and going...)

LOVE your faces! I do hope I get one in return, but I won't be GREEDY...

I already own quite a bit of your beady creations (aren't I special!!!).

~Monica :):):)


KV said...

Wonderful face!

Kathy V in NM

Clevelandgirlie said...

Hi Grace!!! You've been busy - traveling, and creating. Love your BJP piece thus far and thanks for showing the back. As a quilter, that is one of the first things I do - look at the back of things -- one can learn so much by examining the back of pieces.
Your little face pins are gorgeous. I just visited Lisa and saw hers - they are so cool. What a fun project (swap). I looked up that "face" tutorial, and sent a link to myself for future. I really would like to try to make one of those.

Great little workspace. So colorful and full of fun things to look at and be surrounded by - oh so inspiring.

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