Saturday, September 06, 2008

Heart it forward

Well... it's my turn to continue on with the spirit of the challenge to 'heart it forward'.

I chose a cobalt blue heart bead, attached it to a small piece of Pellon (with thread - no glue used) and added flower beads around the outside and finished it off with a pointed edge stitch. It is approximately 2 inches wide by 1 1/2 inch tall.

The brooch could be yours if you're willing to play.

Here are the guidelines as set by Tonia (the originator of the Heart it Forward challenge):

The first person to comment on this post (or at least the first person to indicate they'd like to play) will be the recipient of the heart brooch pictured in this post. The catch is, that if you agree to receive this, you promise to then create something yourself, from the heart, that you will then offer to the first commenter on your blog, after explaining the "rules" in a post of your own.

What you make with the intention of giving away does not have to be jewelry. It can be anything--something sewn, something baked, something written--whatever. Anything that you put the spirit of giving into and a piece of your heart.

The 'Heart it Forward' challenge participants so far...
Tonia Davenport (she started it all back in February)
Lisa over at A Bead A day (great place to visit every day to see what she has profiled)
Cami from Art Like Bread (she sent me all the wonderful goodies mentioned in an earlier post)

So, what do you think ... do you want to Heart it Forward?


girl_gone_thread_wild said...

And can it be? I'm the FIRST! I'd love to play along with YOU!

I heart YOU.

xo, me

uh, this mean this is MINE?


girl_gone_thread_wild said...

REALLY? I don't have to wrestle anyone to the ground to own this MAGICAL piece?

ok then, I'm taking off my shoulder pads and removing my cleats. <-(that spelled right?)

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

I heart IT forward.

(well, soon)

I'm going away now.


(waving bye)

See you soon!


Msquared said...

This project is so cool! is there a central place to join and just start your own project maybe?
A while ago you commented on my blog about my work in tatting, related to the pink artist doll project. I wanted to stop by and return the favor and say Thank You so very much for you ever so kind words.
Again, Thank You!

Satu-Marja said...

What a wonderful project!
Your heart is very cute and I can see that it's made with warm, giving thoughts.

You have a beautiful blog and I'm happy that I found my way here.

BJP greetings!

freebird said...

I think this is very pretty. I'm going to have to sit down and play with your ideas. I have always beaded with tiny beads and they always take so long. I've got bigger beads so I think I need to get some out. Maybe I'll start using up some of my stashed beads I don't seem to get around to using.

freebird said...

Another question, if you don't mind, Grace. Where do you get your pin backs? I've only got what I consider cheap ones. Even Fire Mountain Gems doesn't seem to have nice ones.

GraceBeading said...

Hi all... Monica you had me laughing so hard. I hope you have put your shoulder pads and cleats away, the little heart is YOURS! I'll get it packaged up and ready to send out in the post tomorrow.

Mike - GREAT to see you hear, I don't know of any central spot this is done. Will send you an email privately!

Hooray Satu-Marja, great to see you here, posting all the way from Finland - isn't the internet great?!

Timaree - experiment away! It's so much fun. As far as the pin backs, I'm still using cheap ones found at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. I'd like to invest in some from Rio Grande - check them out when you get a chance. You do have to sign up to open an account there, but it's free. And they carry the pin backs with bails which I would like to try as well. Bobbi (Beading at the Beach) referred me to them.

purplepaint said...

Oh this is gorgeous! Love the face piece also!

freebird said...

Thanks Grace. I've got a face glued and drying. I'll check out Rio Grande.

KV said...

Wow, this is just gorgeous, Grace!

Kathy V in NM

Anonymous said...

This is just adorable - I really love the little flowers framing the heart, the perfect embellishment! The Heart It Forward challenge is an inspiring idea - thank you for listing the info about it.

Pursuing Art... said...

Yeah Monica!!! THANK GOODNESS she removed her shoulder pads and cleats!!! We'll let her through!!! ~SMILING~!!! Too funny...but SO glad it's for Monica!!! What a great post and a fun idea!!!

xo~Lisa ;-)

GraceBeading said...

Hi Marva - I appreciate the kind words

Timaree - I can't wait to see what you create!

KV - thank you.

Nancy - glad you like it, I really enjoy these kind of challenges.

Lisa - Monica has good timing, doesn't she?

girl_gone_thread_wild said...


Your beautiful creation has landed...

I LOVE it, thank you!

It came a couple of days back (bad Monica!),
BUT it DID take me quite some time to put it down so to TYPE YOU!

I've been studying your workmanship... just in AWE really!

Your stitches are IMPECCABLE.

luvvvvvuuuuuuuuu, Monica

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