Thursday, May 29, 2008

BFAC Doll - 2009 - Finished!

***all photos are 'clickable' for a larger view

Hooray - she's done! I finished the beading on Memorial Day - the photography was another 2 days in the making. She gave me fits trying to achieve decent photos. I had a multitude of issues with lighting and trying to capture the color correctly.

I believe the whole project took me a bit longer than usual - normally I zip through a beaded doll project fairly quickly , but I must admit - since the weather has warmed up, I've been drawn to spend more time outside. And I have enjoyed the process so much - maybe I took my sweet time, just a little.

She is 10 inches tall - her form expertly crafted by the oh so talented Monica Magness.

Her beautiful face was lovingly made by Dottie from Face to Face.

My added bead is an 11/0 flesh lined topaz. I also added some sequins for good measure and a little more sparkle.

Stitches used: Back stitch; stacked stitch; boucle stitch and peyote stitch around the face cab, as well as the square crystals used for the breasts and womb.

Let's talk about hair - it seems I generally end up beading long hair on my dolls, I don't plan it that way, it just sort of happens. I love long, full hair - I can't help myself (art imitating life perhaps?).

More often than not, I will bead a spiral on the back of a doll's head and add many rows of layered hair. I always save the hair for the last - not only because it's easier that way, but because it is the most fun - the cherry on the cake so to speak.

If you're interested in seeing the progress of this doll - you can find prior posts here, here and here.

She will be up for auction next year on EBay to help raise money for Colorectal Cancer research. Please check the Beading For A Cure website for more information about their annual fund raiser and while you're there - take a little photo tour of past participants work in the gallery. Lots of wonderful eye candy!

Now I need to name her... any ideas?


Amy said...

Grace, she is wonderful. I love the colors and the varity of patterns.

Kiwi Ellen said...

She is lovely Grace, I love the backside with all the whirls & swirls

Hélène H said...

Oh, what a beauty ! The face is fabulous and the beading is awesome !

I would call her Sienna.

Noel said...

Grace, she is magnaficent...the form and face are perfect and your beading is exquisite as always.
I have to remember the spiral on the back of the head for doing hair...I agree long hair on a doll is nice.

Thanks for sharing your pics....I'm sure she will bring in lots of $$$$$!!!

Lora said...

I love the peek under her hair!! too cool to see the spiral!

abeadlady said...

She is just incredible, Grace. It amazes me every year to see all the different projects from the same set of beads. You outdid yourself on this one.


KV said...

She is just as wonderful as I knew she would be! Great job, Grace . . .

Kathy V in NM

Pursuing Art... said...

Grace...she is Beautiful!!! You always do stunning beadwork on all your projects and take our breath away! I remember that she is 10 inches tall...good lord...she was a huge undertaking! I'm struggling with 6-7" around and I know the feeling of not being sure if I'll ever finish.

As always your work is amazing! I know she will bring in some major bucks for next years BFAC fundraiser!

Her name...I'm not sure I have a name for her but she sure is a 'Mother Goddess' in my mind...colors of warmth and nurturing...breasts and womb...and beautiful long hair!

Keep doing what you do best, my friend, ...bead on!!! ;-)

Candys said...

WOW!!!!! Fantastic doll.

Possibly because she was finished in May on Memorial Day......I'm stuck on 'M' names....LOL

Mari - Wished-for child
Matana - (Arabic) gift
Meda - (Native American) priestess
Melwyn - (Cornish) As fair as honey
Merinda - (Aboriginal) A beautiful woman
Minna - (Teutonic) Love
Mohini - (Hindu) most beautiful
Muna - (Arabic) A hope or a wish
Myfanwy - (Welsh) The beloved one

Denise said...

Grace! Wow, did you ever do justice to those beads. She sure came together! She's so earthy and organic yet elegant and curvy! The way you played with the different colour combinations, within this group of colours is wonderful.
I really like her! She reminds me of a Persian carpet, all rich and sturdy, and fine and delicate.
Cheers, Denise

Pat Winter said...

Grace, she is wonderful! Gorgeous colors,and great cause.
I checked on a few names and found these possibilities.

Cheyenne~Strong and courageous
Jadzia~Beautiful and strong
Laurel~Strength or Courage
Sheden~Strong and bold, but powerfully beautiful.


freebird said...

Hi Grace. Beautiful work as always. I agree she looks as intense and involved as a persian carpet. I think her name is Spirit Rising. Imagine having jumped in the deep end of the pool and you give a kick off the bottom to get to the top. Your arms push down for lift and you begin to rise from the bottom for the air at the top - that's what she looks like. Perfect for those fighting from the despair of cancer to the air of survivorship! She looks so triumphant!

The Lone Beader said...

Wow! she looks fabulous!

Barbara said...

Grace, she is absolutely stunning! I love the swirls! Your beading is esquisite!

Anonymous said...

This is a gorgeous piece of work, dear one!You are so generous and kind; she is NOT a small beaded doll!
I hope sometime you can tell me how to do the spiral thingy and long hair!A name will come....

Jo Anne O. said...

Hey Grace! she is just the hair as always and all those scallops on her back are just FAB!!!

Anonymous said...


A beautiful work of art. It looks like every bead was place with love.

Congrats! She will be well received


girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Oh my goodness! Oh my gooooodness!!!

(said just like Annie)

Gees Louis, you take my breath away!

The colors, the stitches, this doll is ...there are no words for it! I'm stuttering over here mi chica!

ok, the lil "pipe" about me made me giggle... ya ok, YOU GRACE have created a masterpiece!!!!!! C'mon, you're AMAZING!

I'm going to have to reference the dictionary next time I come here, you render me SPEECHLESS.




girl_gone_thread_wild said...

that face fits her perfectly now doesn't it???

Oh ya, got the FUNNEST box in the mail yesteday...

you sly one you.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart I thank you for your gift of friendship girlie.


xo, Monica

girl_gone_thread_wild said...


_____ Goddess, birth of anew?

Definitely a goddess, birth as in new life...


Will have to think on this one.

Going back to pick up my dictionary, I see I'll have to leave it by my desk when I visit. lol

xo, Monica

Clevelandgirlie said...

Grace - she is absolutely stunning -- beyond words. You are truly an artist of the highest order.

abeadlady said...


I have tagged you for a meme. If you go to my blog: you will find six questions to answer if you choose to do so. If you do, please notify me so I can learn a little more about you.

Thanks, Arline

abeadlady said...

Forgot to tell you to tagged 5 or 6 others as well.


Maggie R said...

Grace I am in awe of your work,,,,Like Monica, you leave me speechless.I sort of like one of Pat Winter's names...Sheden~Strong and bold, but powerfully beautiful.
Sometimes when a name doesn't come to me, I just let her alone and one day she will eventually name herself! You'll see ;-}
There is no doubt this piece will bring in big $$$$$
You are to be congratulated on your generosity.

Sue said...

This is an AMAZING doll. What fabulous work you do, and your lovely, generous spirit shows through. Thanks for sharing so many photos of your beautiful work.

sammy said...

Grace, she is amazing! I love everything about her, her texture, her movement and yes expecially her hair!

Clevelandgirlie said...

Willow - earthy and organic like someone mentioned above. The name Willow (gentle yet strong) - would suit her I think.

Linsart said...

Hi Grace, Amazing bead work! Nice art doll form, of course, by Monica, she is the best too! Nice work, your hands and hers! Let us know when she will be up for auction, I will surely be bidding on this beautiful doll! Best to you!
I like the name Willow Too, but it she will tell you her name, just.... listen! lol.

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