Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Queen of spayeds

When is a spayed not a spayed?

When you bring her home from the shelter as a happy little 'spayed' adoptee and find out she's really a queen, giving birth to 2 kittens 55 days later.

This first photo is Heidi, just getting to know her new home in late February. We were told she was heavily matted and flea ridden when she was relinquished by her previous owners, so Animal Control had her shaved prior to adoption.

While I have owned cats most of my life, I have never owned a pregnant one. Most of the cats throughout my life have been rescues and are usually spayed or neutered when they arrive in their new home or shortly thereafter. Nothing different about this last adoption, we picked up 2 cats to add to our cat friendly household. Both are Persian - a 1 year old male and a 1 1/2 year old female. It was noted the male was not neutered so we got that taken care of within the week. It was noted the female was de-clawed and spayed so she got a basic check up with our vet.

About 4 weeks into getting to know our new additions, I noticed slight changes in the female. Specifically her nipples seemed to be getting a little bigger. I wondered if she had delivered a litter of kittens before she had been 'dropped off' (in the night box no less) at animal care & control . She is also 4 paw de-clawed and by my way of reasoning I thought for sure any owner that would put a cat through that kind of torture would have them spayed right??? And certainly the vets at animal control would know if a female had been spayed? I had to be imagining things. I tried not to let my mind run wild with the 'what ifs'.

She is a small cat anyway - 6 pounds when we brought her home. It was obvious by last week that her sides were bulging out a bit more than would be probable, even after a big meal. She had also become obsessive about being with her humans and oh so affectionate in the last few days. Since we have other cats (3 being male) we closed her off in her own room so as not to feel threatened by the others - not that they are threatening, but they are curious and they all know something is happening.

Late last night her hard contractions started. Her little nose squished up and she cried when the contractions were really strong - I stayed with her, but realized she was in distress with the first kitten as it was taking far to long and as much as she pushed it didn't seem much was happening. About 45 minutes after her hard contractions started, her first little kitten came into the world, a little black tabby - still born. Rather than re-live that sadness, I'd rather focus on the happiness... she had another little one not long after the first one and this one is snow white and appears to be quite healthy. It's been about 12 hours now so I'm assuming she's all done, but I know kittens have been spaced as far apart as 36 hours. Heidi is a wonderful little mother seemingly wrapping her little baby up in furry hugs every chance she gets, it is so much fun to watch.

How does all this relate to beading??? I haven't any spare time to bead!


KV said...

Bless your heart, Grace -- been through this experience several times myself. Two of our six kids just couldn't entertain the idea of leaving stray or abandoned cats anywhere. Many an unexpected litter of kittens graced our lives over the years.

Heidi is sure cute . . .

Kathy V in NM

Dottie said...

Congrats on your new little snowflake. Mommy looks so proud!


crooked heart art~tammy said...

well grace that sure is a surprise for you!! i think de-clawing should be against the law!!
that little flake must feel wonderful to hold :) the momma sure is sweet looking-shaved and all-VBG
enjoy your day and the little fur ball:)

freebird said...

Looks like you've got one more little kitty in your family! What a special surprise.

Clevelandgirlie said...

What a wonderful experience (and surprise!) She will truly feel at home now -- with her new humans and her new little baby.

Tally said...

Thanks for sharing those pictures and your story!
So cute.
The cats for sure are lucky to having found you.

Dot said...

Oh you are such a sweetie for adopting this kitty! And what a surprise to find she was pregnant. Her little kitten looks adorable (and so small) and I know that both of them will find plenty of love in your home.

Very sad that her first baby died but joyous that little snowflake lived.

Sending lots of kitty love your way.

You are a special woman with a big heart.

Dot xx

Hélène H said...

Ooh, these are so cute ! I can understand why you dropped your beading !

I wonder if they'll appear in your work :o)

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh Grace...what a surprise but a special one at that! Heidi and snow white are absolutely darling! You forget how tiny they are. Heidi sure looks like she is being a loving and wonderful mommy! Your pictures are wonderful and, beading or not, thank you for sharing. I hope you'll share more photos with us soon! I'd love to see her when her little eyes open and as she gets bigger! ;-)

Julie H said...

What an adorable Mama. I am no expert but it sounds like she may have had a 'c' section in the past. Poor wee kitty and now she has you - bless you!

Beadin' Gram/aka Jackie said...

So sweet - and what a good Mommy. Love these pictures.

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

How sweet! Thanks for sharing the photos of the newborn kitties!

The Lone Beader said...

Thank you for your comment about Prague! I printed out directions to the Globe Cafe. It looks cool! Thanks for the suggestion. See you in a few weeks! :D

Phyl said...

...what a lucky kitty to get to live with you!
Thanks for sharing w/the
pix;they are wonderful...
I am another "cat" person
also!Keep us posted on the
babe's progress...

Elsita :) said...

How beautiful!!! How wonderful! Congratulations!
Elsita :)

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Here kitty kitty kitty... let mama Grace have her bag of beads back.. she needs those! Oh, you're worried she might confuse your little body for a stuffed form for beading??? I'm certain she wouldn't do that! Now would she?


Congrats on the new baby. Miracles happen everyday, I guess this day it was your turn. :)


Sue said...

What a wonderful story. After the week I've had, I am so very grateful for people that adopt pets from shelters. Whew! As the mama of an all white cat (thanks, Phyl!) I think you're in for something special.

Clevelandgirlie said...

I laughed out loud at what Monica wrote. Too funny. I keep checking back to see what's going on over here -- but I guess you are all consummed with your new baby AND your bead for a cure project. I'm dying to see it. I am mesmerized by your work -- I do so want to learn to "bead." I have been working on the little doll you sent me. I will be posting her soon.
Have a great weekend Grace!!!

Pursuing Art... said...

Grace...Is Monica too funny!?! I swear I'm going to need Depends keeping up with her comments. I asked her if Jeff had any idea that she does comedy on the side and is this hilarious when she is out and about visiting friends! ;-)) I told her Thank God the little babe couldn't hear what she would scare her half to death! But she is a clean little white canvas right now...I can only imagine how STUNNING she would be if you gave her a little color! ;-)) ~Just teasing dear friend~

I hope you are well! Your schedule sounds a little overwhelming right now and it sounds like you could use a break! I and all you biggest fans are missing you! No pressure though!!! I know and totally understand how life gets in the way sometimes!

Sending you a heartfelt hug!!! Lisa ;-)

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