Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Life springs forth!

I know it has been awhile since I posted - so I have many photos with updates. Note - you can click on all photos for a larger view.

I have been so busy with my day job that I have had little time for beading and even less time for blogging (both writing mine and visiting the others I enjoy so much).

For those that have asked about the kitten - it's doing great, getting chubby and oh so cute. It is now two weeks old. These photos are from 7 - 10 days old. It's eyes are just starting to open now.

The body remains white, but it has a black nose and 'tips' - ears, legs, and tail. Mama is diligent and extremely loving. She is 6 pounds of ferocious hairball when we let her out of the 'nursery' to mingle with the other cats - she has been exceptionally violent toward one of the neutered males. Probably a good thing she doesn't have claws as I don't think he'd have a face left if she did. He tries his best to run from her, but she is relentless. That part of it has been a bit unsettling for me.

The baby also has dark paw pads. It's so cute I just want to squeeze it! When stress arises in my day, I sneak off for a peek at the kitten as it always makes me smile.

We are finally experiencing some spring time weather, tulips are starting to bloom and the daffodils are about gone. Unfortunately we have unseasonably cold air coming with temps expected to get down into the 20's and freeze warnings tonight.

Come along on a tour of small bits of our yard...



Johnny Jump Up? They are all over the yard

Bleeding Heart

I love bleeding hearts...

I imagine it's apparent that this is one of my favorites!

And what would a post be without a little beading??? In February I was on a business trip to Las Vegas. While there I made several bracelets in this same style and this is the only one I did not take a part. This is a herringbone stitch and I think the stitching is a bit loose. That's why I took a part all the others - they were just too loose for my taste.

I tried thread (C-Lon and SoNo) and I tried Fireline - all of them broke in the middle when I attempted to get the tension tight. This is the only one that survived. The lampwork bead is one I found on Just Beads - someone was downsizing their stash and I love these colors. The seed beads are size 8 - just to give some perspective.

The biggest thing I'm looking forward to right now - a road trip! On Thursday I am driving down to Indianapolis to pick up 3 friends, then we will continue our drive to the hills (Appalachian) of Eastern Kentucky for a little retreat as well as a memorial of our friend Lonnie - he passed away last December. I will be gone from May 1 - May 11.

Here's a photo of our destination - we will stay in the 'Manse' behind the church. These buildings were built by the local community in the 1930's. Aren't they beautiful?

No TV, no radios, no road noise (except for a few 4-wheelers) no cell phone service. Complete and total bliss! All you can hear is the wind blowing through the 'holler' and the birds singing. There is a gravel road that takes us to our destination - here is a portion of it taken last fall


KV said...

Good to see you posting again, Grace. The photos are lovely and the kitten surely must be one of the cutest I have ever seen!

Kathy V in NM

crooked heart art~tammy said...

hi grace
good to see you :)
your mamma cat and baby are just too sweet-love the pic's johnny jump ups are a spring fav(love their faces) along with the bleeding heart i will have to see about mine-after the rain-o-rama we had the last few days-badly needed!
have a safe journey-looks like a peaceful place to be
enjoy your day

Hélène H said...

Nice to hear from you Grace. Hope you have a lovely retreat !

freebird said...

Hope you enjoy your trip. That kitten will change a lot even in that short time.

I've made a few bracelets with herringbone and they are very supple. That's my only experience with the stitch. Is it possible to be stiff?

GraceBeading said...

Freebird = I was just in looking at the kitten, his/hers eyes are open now and it's really starting to move around. I will miss watching the daily progress when I'm gone.

Now the bracelet - it is supple and I'm happy with the either side of the middle, it's just that part where too much thread shows, I still like it though.

Back to packing... thanks to all for the comments!

Pursuing Art... said...

Love your pictures Grace! Kitty is sooooooo cute! I especially love the fourth picture where Heidi has her wrapped in her arms...adorable!

Isn't it nice that the flowers are beginning to bloom and the leaves are coming on! I just wish the warmth would really stick around for good!

It looks beautiful where you are going! I'm so glad you have a chance to get away Grace! Sounds like your plate has been a little full lately! I hope you have a peaceful and relaxing time! You deserve it! Be safe on your journey! Lisa ;-)

Clevelandgirlie said...

Nothing like peace and solitude to recharge the mind, body and spirit. And the Appalachains are a great place to do just that. Travel safe - and enjoy your break from everyday life.

GardenGoose said...

your garden is so pretty and the new kitty..how precious. the Kentucky landscape looks lovely .

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