Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Key fob - blue cream

Here's the third in the series of the beaded key fobs. The first 2 seemed to be a big hit with my co-workers. This one is for another co-worker - I'm hoping to get it shipped out to her next week.

The lampwork bead is another by Rufusandroxy. I find these colors are soft and soothing. I'm really enjoying the twisted herringbone. Not sure when I'll be able to stop - but that's a good thing. I plan to make a couple of bracelets for Christmas.


Maggie R said...

Hi Grace....
Thanks for visiting my Blog :0)
Yes I love "Hey Sailor" too!!!!
Tickles my funnybone.
These Key Fobs are awesome. Lucky co-workers to receive one.
I haven't tried that stitch . I still can't get the herringbone one, and the only thing that is "twisted" there is me VBG..
Have a great day

Grace said...

Hi Maggie... I found the twisted herringbone stitch to be rather easy. It did take a couple of tries at it, but I seemed to catch on quick to this one - not too much frustration for a change :-)

Leaves of Grass

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