Thursday, July 19, 2007

No Evil

I completed this a few months ago - it didn't turn out at all like I had pictured in my mind. I'm not sure how much I like it, although I grow more fond it the more I look at it (that seems to happen with much of my beading). With the darkness of the black beads & sequins, it's a bit harder to see the detail.

The wonderful monkey face cabs were created by Linsart - I had been holding them for quite awhile, waiting for the inspiration to work them into something.

The finished piece is approximately 4 inches by 5 inches. The face cabs were glued to Pellon Peltex (similar to Stiff Stuff), then I added the beads. Once done with the beading I backed the piece with black ultra suede.


Linsart said...

Grace, I love what you did with the See Hear Speak no evil Monkey faces. Great job !

Sunni said...

Hi Grace,
What a wild piece, I have always loved the No monkeys, and those are awesome. You did great work.
Also I wanted to let you know I posted more pics of the baby birds.

Sunni said...

I forgot to warn you that I tagged you after Freebird tagged me.
The questions to answer are on her blog and on mine.

Denise said...

This piece is disturbing! It's raw and real and the use of the black is very cool. Those monkey cabs are amazing and they way you have framed them is wonderful! I can understand how you say that it is something that you have had to get used to - these three monkeys represent so much!
Very impressive.
cheers, Denise

Lillian said...

Hi Grace,

Love this piece! I agree with Denise-it is so real!

Been enjoying your blog :o) and wondered where to buy the ultra suede you keep mentioning?

Thanks for sharing, Lillian

P.S. I can't seem to find an email for Monica Magness to ask her questions about her doll forms, do you happen to know it?

Grace said...

Hi All... thanks for the comments.

Sunni, I made a post about the 'tagged' questions and after typing out the whole thing - *poof* it was gone. I have yet to make the time to sit and do it again.

Lillian, I'd be happy to share the links for ultrasuede, I could not figure out a way to send you an email. If you happen to get back here, please let me know your email address. To get in touch with Monica, check out her blog or go to her ebay or esty store, you should be able to contact her that way. I would have sent it to you already if I know how to contact you.

Lillian said...

Sorry forgot to leave my email address
I looked in all the places you suggested and couldn't find a way to contact Monica...

Thanks, Lillian

Leaves of Grass

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