Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Comfort Doll - Denise

I finished my first comfort doll - I want to bead at least one more before I send them off to their new owners. This one is about 4 inches tall. I purchased the form and face from Ronda Kivett, she makes some great stuff - check out her website when you get a chance. She is kind enough to share free patterns on her site as well - if you make your own forms, it's a great place to start.

It is a challenge for me not to completely cover a doll form with beads - even with pretty fabric underneath. I'm happy I could do that with this one and not feel like it was unfinished.

Here's her backside...

The doll will go to a battered woman's shelter when it makes it's way 'home' and my only hope is that it brings a smile to someone's heart. I added charms to represent hope, love and change. I named her Denise in honor of, my sister who has dedicated most of her life to helping others.

I'm working on a second doll now so they'll have traveling partners when then start their journey home.

If you want more info on Comfort Dolls - please see this blog. There are several entries regarding the project including guidelines and the mailing address.


Jo in NZ said...

Grace, your doll is gorgeous. Thanks so much for contributing to the project.

Linda said...

What a beautiful doll! Someone will surely love her.

Grace said...

Thank you both - I hope she brings a smile to someone!

Pat Winter said...

Oh dear, I didn't see this one. Wow! Just beautiful. Can you imagine the heart flutters the women who receive these will be experiencing?

Grace said...

Hi Pat... nice to see you here :-)
I hope to have them in the mail early next week. Thanks so much for pulling the project together, I'm happy to participate!

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