Thursday, June 21, 2007


A while back I beaded up a couple of dolls for a PAWS of PA auction. I have a friend that has dedicated a good portion of her life to the rescue of animals. I beaded a little doll I named Frances for the auction - she is about 3 inches tall, her form and face were made by Angie Hall Haviland. I gave her a nice long beaded loop so she could be worn around the neck or just hung up.

I am grateful to Jessica for all she does to rescue animals - especially cats. I thought a cat toy might be fun to bead and it seemed she would be the perfect recipient.

I also beaded up a doll for my friend since she is not only special to me, she is a life saver in the land of feral cats and unwanted pets. She's all heart and works day and night to save them. I think the doll says it all... she's a star!

Doll form by Monica Magness, face by Linsart


Sunni said...

Grace, these are lovely,
I wanted to hang "Frances" around my neck, she is so wonderful.
I posted on another blog today that I had no idea my eyes would get introduced to such beautiful bead work when I got started doing this.
Daily all of you ladies inspire me to step further out of my comfort zone and try more and more embroidery work.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful work,

Linsart said...

Hi Grace, I love what you did with this sun/moon face ! Your work is wonderful, and shows us what is possible! Thanks for the link to my blog too!

Jo in NZ said...

Your beaded dolls are just beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration.

Grace said...

Sunni - glad you like Frances. Her final price at that auction was $115. I was so happy to help even a little bit.

Linda - wonderful to see you here, I'm pleased you like the way in which I used your wonderful face.

Jo - thanks so much for stopping in and saying hi... I'm off to look at your blog as well.

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