Sunday, May 13, 2007

Latest beaded doll

I recently participated in a swap within one of the online beading groups to which I belong. The guidelines were to alter an Altoids tin and create a beaded doll small enough to fit into the tin. It was a fun project. I have not done much in the way of altered art such as tins, so it was a project that took me (willingly and happily) outside my normal zone for creating.

I started with the tin, I sanded and painted it first on the outside. I found some tissue paper that had bits of flowers and leaves within the paper. Once the paint was dry on the tin, I made a mixture of glue and water and washed that over the tissue paper on the inside and bottom side of the tin.

Once that was dry, I worked on the front of the tin - adding a little glitter as well as some cut out's that looked 'Springy' to me and a little mushroom bird.

The doll was the easiest part for me... right in my comfort zone :-) I decided to make her a magnet so she wouldn't bounce around in the tin. I had so much fun with this little creation.

Materials on doll include Japanese & Czech seed beads, metal dragonfly bead, swarovski butterly bead, paper 'wings', polymer clay face by Kristie Lou at Sculpted Windows

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Maggie Robinson said...

Grace... Your Tiny Treasure piece is absolutely adorable. Your ideas and beading can certainly be referred to as "eye candy"

Leaves of Grass

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