Monday, May 14, 2007

Another recent project

Forever ago (okay, maybe a year or so), I purchased a cute amulet bag kit on EBay from Sassy Art Goddess . I recently finished beading it and am so pleased with how it turned out. I don't think I used any of the beads that came with the kit, but that's okay - I'm sure they will be perfect for another project in the future. This was my first little leather bag and I rather enjoyed it. I love to bead around faces and this artist creates beautiful faces. I also love to bead fringe, making this project particularly fun for me!


Robin said...

Nice blog!!! I love your Mother's Day post, and the doll in the tin, and the way you did the inside of the tin, and the fringe on your amulet bag....

Linsart said...

I love this amulet bag, Grace ! Excellent job, and thank you for linking my blog to your blog. The favor shall be returned. Keep up the great work, have fun creating!

Jessica said...

What a gorgeous piece of art, Grace. I enjoy the colors and the simple, yet exquisite design.

Grace said...

Thanks so much for the comments, I appreciate each and every one of them. It's so nice to know that people actually visit and are moved enough to make a comment.

Thanks again,

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