Friday, May 25, 2007

Dolls meant to comfort and heal

I have created a few dolls specifically to offer some comfort for the intended recipient. The first doll pictured - Selima, is the second doll I beaded and one I created for a friend of mine in Texas who battles terminal cancer as well as several other chronic illness'. I have never had the pleasure of meeting her in person, but I don't love or respect her any less because of that. She provides me with endless inspiration, I am forever grateful our paths crossed.
Doll form and face by Monica Magness

I have a good friend in Southern California, that is quite possibly the funniest person I have ever met. When her father was diagnosed with lung cancer I beaded a doll for her in hopes that it might bring some comfort as she helped her father through treatments and all that comes with such a diagnosis. Unfortunately he did not win his battle.

3" doll form and face by Angie Hall Haviland

I made 'Robin' and sent her off to bring a smile to a beady
friend in Washington. 3 1/2" doll form by Monica Magness, face by ? - I can't remember.

There is a friend of mine in Wisconsin that has battled and continues to battle many chronic illness'. I beaded this doll and sent it off to her with the hopes that it would bring a smile to her face.

On one of the online boards in which I mostly lurk, it was revealed that one of the members suffered through a horrendous home invasion robbery in which her and her husband were brutally attacked. When there was a call to send her healing wishes, I was compelled to bead up a little doll. I chose this form since she appears to be offering up a big hug.

3" form by Monica Magness. Face is a button.

In another of the online bead groups to which I belong there was a challenge to bead a doll to commemorate our birthday. It took me a month, but I managed to get her done. I was going through some difficult emotional things at that time and poured all that into this doll.

Birthday doll form by Monica Magness is about 7" tall, face by Jen Martin, ceramic feet raku glazed can be found at Anima Designs.

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sammy said...

you just blow me away with your beading Grace! thanks for the inspiration every day!

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