Sunday, July 17, 2011

Esperanza - Trash it Out Art Doll Round Robin...

I am a little late in posting - okay, maybe more that a little late. Lots of stuff going on here keeping me busy, and it seems the blog post always fall to the bottom of my "to do" list. Fortunately it has not kept me from beading and working on some other creative things.

In the current doll round robin in which I'm participating, my second visit was with Esperanza. A stunningly beautiful doll - she looks as hopeful as her name represents. She arrived pretty decked out with a wonderful journal to accompany her. I'm guessing I'm not the first to feel this while participating in a round robin - but I find that I don't want to do anything that will take any beauty away from the dolls coming to me in this round robin and am stumped at times in figuring out what to add to complement what has already been added. The women with which I am participating in this collaboration have seemingly endless talent and ideas. I am quite literally stunned with each new arrival as I open the box containing the doll and whatever accompanies her.

I thought she might need some pearls, so added some to the bottom of her dress. I thought the effect was pretty, I hope her owner (Gloria) will as well.

Also added - a couple of silver metal loops with a cross, some square swarovski beads, dragonflies and hearts. I love hearts :-)

Because beading is my comfort zone in this type of artistic endeavor, I tend to head in that direction often. For this doll, I found the perfect connector bead by Lisa Peters. It had wire loops on each end, I sewed those down to the backing and added a Swarovski crystal bicone to cover it. Also added - gold freshwater pearls, bronze colored glass beads.

It is backed with brown Ultrasuede and has a pinback with pendant bail so it can be worn as a brooch or a pendant.

Before Esperanza was sent off to her next destination, I added a page to her journal with one of my favorite poems by Patricia Lynn Reilly.


Monica Magness said...

sooo wonderful Grace, I really enjoy reading through your posts, and I know Gloria is touched by your special additions- lovin' those pearls too! and that hope pendant is stunning! I believe I get my hands on her next, how fun! !! :)

Your beautiful beaded touches add so very much to our dolls xox

glad you are a part of our rr!

xo, M (separate note coming to you in a flash)

barefoot muse said...

Grace, I am going to treasure this doll forever. Your beadwork is wonderful!!! Your journal page....I couldn't ask for anything more fitting. Esperanza is already very close to my heart. xo

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