Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beading For A Cure 2011...

Are you ready for some GREAT auctions? Well then - set your alerts, alarms, reminders... whatever you have. The auctions begin March 21 - 3:00 pm Eastern time and there are some fantastic items up for the first round! All for a good cause too (colorectal cancer research).

Here is the link to the auctions, bid high and often! Here is the link for each round of auctions with photos and dates they will be auctioned. I also have a badge up on the right side of my blog that is a direct link to the EBay auctions. If you want to take some time and see all the great photos for each item that will come up for auction this year - you can check the gallery. There are wonderful close up photos of each piece. If you want to print off a flyer for the auctions, that is also available here.

This is the fourth year I have participated in the annual event and the first year there was a competition. I was notified last week that my entry won second place - I was shocked. You will see what I mean when you have a chance to see all the beautiful entries. I am honored to be a winner amongst so many incredible bead artists and their pieces.

Each participant is given the same kit of beads. We are required to use at least one of each bead in the kit, we are allowed to add one additional bead type and can incorporate as many non bead items as we like - such as cabochons and sequins.

Here is my photo of the beads for this year provided in the kit

As you can see, it is a beautiful selection of purple and bronze. I loved working with these colors! My first step was to go through my stash to see what I wanted to add, if anything.

I found these beautiful vintage bronze/brownish faceted cabs, I only had two - I used both of them. I also found these smaller glass cabs with purple and bronze. I had four and used them all. It seems I cannot bead anything with out adding sequins. Vintage are my favorites and while I do not have many left, I did find this wonderful strand of deep purple sequins. My added bead is a small purple/brownish bugle.

The items of mine together with the kit led me to make this cuff. Once I get the big cab glued on, the rest seem to just flow. I did not have a plan, I let the beads take me where they wanted to go.

I used Nicole's bead backing in light purple as my base. When the beading was completed, I sandwiched a brass cuff blank between the bead backing and light purple Ultrasuede and stitched it up with LOTS of those beautiful crystal bicones.

I was going to just make a cuff, but that hardly seemed fair since I still had a ton of beads left from the kit.

So I found that last brown faceted glass cab and worked up a brooch.

That's when I discovered I had more of the smaller cabs and still plenty of beads from the kit so thought a pair of earrings would be the perfect addition to complete the set.

Little did I know at the time that would make me a...

I am stunned and honored!


quiltmom said...

I'm not stunned- they are stunning and you have created something really beautiful- I especially love the brooch. The purple and bronze is brilliant.
Congratulations on your win - Thank you for sharing your gorgeous piece.
Warmest regards,

Sue said...

Oh, exquisite work, Grace. I just love the way you put things together. I'll definitely be watching the auctions!

Dottie Hoeschen said...

Congratulations Grace! Your work is beautiful!!
Dottie H.

abeadlady said...

I wasn't surprised at all! Your beadwork is always meticulous and inspirational, Grace.

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