Friday, January 07, 2011

Latest beading...

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I am not sure if it is the cold weather or the gloomier skies here, but I have been drawn towards brighter beads recently, specifically pink and yellow.

I do not consider myself a huge fan of pink... the color - not the singer. I AM a fan of the singer.

I was digging around for stuff to bead and was drawn to these. The first is a real flower set in resin. It was sold as a necklace strung on a cheap black cord. I bought several of these - many of them have real bugs inside - beetles, spiders and scorpions. Some even glow in the dark, really kind of cool.

I thought this one might be nice as a fob. It fits in the palm of my hand and I can see it dangling from a multitude of things. I will not be keeping this one though - it will be given away, stayed tuned for details on that in a couple of weeks.

It seems I never go too long without beading with one of Jen Martin's faces. I enjoy working with her little works of art, they are consistently well crafted and painted to perfection in vibrant colors. I am always inspired by her faces.

This one is no exception - such a happy face! It is polymer clay and screams sunshine and spring to me. I have embellished it with green Swarovski crystals, yellow charlottes and green Czech pressed glass leaves with pink size 15/0 beads whip stitched around the edge.

It is finished off with sunny yellow Ultra suede and a pin back with bail that allows it to be worn as a pendant or brooch.

A few notes on the method I use to finish my pieces. After the beading is complete, I measure and cut out a piece of poster board to help stabilize the piece.

Next, I glue the poster board to the back of the beaded piece and measure out a piece of Ultrasuede for the backing.

If it is going to be a pin, I measure where I need to make small cuts to allow the pin back to come through the Ultrasuede backing. I add glue to the pin back and the poster board that is exposed and then add the Ultrasuede - picture a sandwich and the poster board is the "meat". Next I secure the two pieces together by beading the edge. The face is whip stitched, the fob it is more of a brick stitch with an added picot stitch on top of that.


Roberta said...

I am no fan of pink either. But these are really beautiful. Just what we need in cold miserable January.
I especially love the yellow backing.
Really fun!

Gale said...

What a delight to open my mail this morning and see that cheerful pink and yellow face! I love your work and am glad you share it with us! Gale

Carol said...

More great pieces! And I have become obsessed with pink lately..don't know why and I love your pinks!

GraceBeading said...

Thanks ladies! I'm trying to keep the beading (and posting) going, So glad you stopped in and that you enjoyed the pink and yellow!

I'm hoping to get a pair of earrings finished today.

Lynn said...

Ahhh, those pieces sure are a sight for snowy eyes. How fun!!

Hélène H said...

Beautiful work, Grace, I think this pink is very fresh and joyful.

With my very best wishes for a happy New Year.



ziggy stardust said...

what a lovely giveaway! please add me to the draw and, if you have a chance, please swing by my blog...


moonlitfantaseas said...

you do beautiful bead work!

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