Monday, March 08, 2010

For James...

I have finished the bracelet I have been working on for the last couple of weeks. I sure had fun with it. I have now cleared my bead table in happy anticipation for the arrival of the latest BFAC kit.

Here is the back for anyone that is interested. The line you see is a mistake in working on the sizing, but that's the beauty of being able to turn it over and start anew - no one sees the back once it's all done.

In finishing up the bracelet, I did find I had just enough black Ultrasuede for the backing. For a little extra stability, I decided to add poster board between the beaded piece and the Ultrasuede. It's a little stiff at first, but breaks in after wearing it a few times and becomes quite soft.

Here it is laid out flat

And the back

And I took shots of it from every angle - so, there's LOTS of photos and each are clickable for a larger view.

I'm not where I picked up the black glass squares, but I sure do like them!

Also included are some of my treasured vintage purple sequins.

A few 4mm Swarovski bicones for that extra bit of sparkle.

And 2 - 8 mm Jet Swarovski Margaritas

The final touch - a vintage black glass button for the clasp


*~tabby~* crooked heart art said...

oh grace this is majestic
what a fabulous cuff your friend will be proud to wear it as would anyone!
thank you for sharing with us and letting us enlarge the pics too
another beauty...sigh... :)
enjoy your day

Healing Woman said...


Jennifer Cameron said...

good god, woman! That is unbelievable! You are crazy talented.

freebird said...

Very nice Grace. I bet he loves it!

Beadwright said...

It turned out beautiful!!!


SharDon Exclusives said...

I was waiting to see the finished results....stunning work. I love it!

Katie B said...

I love it.
And I am always SO impressed with you back side stitch work.

Vampi said...

Beautiful, beautiful work, Grace :)

bet your sweet said...

Hey Grace, beautiful as always!

The Lone Beader said...

wow, that must have taken forever!

Lynn said...

Gosh Grace, I just could look at this all day. It is fabulous!

KV said...

Awesome . . .

Kathy V in NM

Bobbi said...

Wow...this cuff is just gorgeous!!! Very awesome work!!!

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