Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fun mail and thoughts about today...

I am really behind in posting about the fun stuff received in the mail in the last 2 months (or so). First I was the winner of two items from the One World One Heart event. Both wonderful, colorful happy works of art.

First up a beautiful Laurel Burch fabric postcard from Fannie at Fannie Narte.

Second a stunning little hand made box by Carolee Clark at King of Mice Studios.

Pretty cool, huh? I'm a lucky, lucky girl! Both of these little works of art are SO much prettier in person and one really neat thing about the box - the top is magnetized.

Also - not long ago I was fortunate enough to win a couple of blog giveaways by Elizabeth - she lives on a Danish Island and writes a beautiful blog.

I won this beautiful handmade felt envelope

You can tell how much love and attention she put into her creations.

And how about this cute little egg cozy?

It's reversible too!

I'm looking at my calender and it tells me today is Administrative Professionals Day as well as Earth Day. My heart, however tells me it's the anniversary of my mother's death. Sadly she took her life 27 years ago after a long battle with mental illness. I think of her often and today I will hug her extra tightly in my thoughts.

I dedicated one of my Bead Journal pages to her last year. If you have not seen it and are interested - you can find it here.


Carol said...

Nice prizes you won!!

Sorry about your mother. My mother was mentally ill also, and unable to care for me from birth. She just slid into her own world, but she had a baby doll with my name so I know in her way she loved me.

freebird said...

I hope you are finding sunshine today since the day is tinged with the sadness of how your mother left you.

What nice mail surprises for you. That box is really done nicely (I've painted a few myself and can see she does an excellent job). Fannie always makes such nice stuff. Anyone who gets something from her is fortunate indeed. And, what cute items from your danish friend. The egg cozy would be cute on top of a beaded egg!

Elizabeth said...

Just read your post about your mother. So sad that someone because of her illness is so scared of life. I'm glad your father and grandmother were able to take care of you during these dark periods.

Well I hope your feeling a little bit better and will find a new balance.

Have a lovely day and thank you.


Henrysmomsmusings said...

Grace, My thoughts are with you. No matter how many years ago a loved one died, it just simply hurts.
You are lucky indeed, what a lot of lovely prizes. Well deserved!

KV said...

Lovely, pensive post today, Grace. Your mother is smiling somewhere . . .

Kathy V in NM

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, Kathy said it best Grace...she is smiling on you somewhere...and all her heart and happy times shine through you. You are in my thoughts and I send you a heartfelt hug from me!

Lovely, lovely, gifts! You are a mighty L*U*C*K*Y girl! I adored Laurel Burch and Fannie did a beautiful job on this postcard. Elizabeth's art is so heartfelt and so is her blog. And, that box by Carolee is gorgeous! Now...*THAT* is one beautiful painted box, my dear!!!

XO ~Lisa ;-)

GraceBeading said...

Thanks so much for all your notes and encouraging words. I sincerely appreciate it!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

aah, I didn't realize I had fallen this behind on Ur posts Grace! Lil cutie patooties you got here.. everyday should be filled with sweet surprises!

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