Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beading for a Cure 2010

all photos are 'clickable' for a larger view

I hope you've had a chance to check out the gallery for the BFAC (Beading For A Cure) auctions on Ebay and even better if you've been able to bid on any of the wonderful items! There is an amazing array of bead art up for grabs at very reasonable prices.

As mentioned in an earlier post - I received my kit for next year and instantly fell in love with all the beads. All participant's have their kits now so we can reveal the beads as well as our plans for them.

Would you look at these colors??? Some of my absolute favorites (especially the Rose Montees)! Heaven... I'm in heaven. My immediate thoughts on this was a water theme ... hmmmmm, mermaid doll? Within the first day after receiving the beads, I checked my fabric stash. I have such a small sampling, but managed to find the perfect compliment to the beads. I thought I must be headed in the right direction, it was all coming together in my mind and with my components.

I had visions of the perfect mermaid doll, but I'm not so great at making forms and even worse at making faces. I talked to my friend Monica about using my fabric to make me a doll form, the DH designed a pattern for me, I picked out a face for the doll, and then...

I got impatient at the thought of waiting... I wanted to get started. Waiting an hour, let alone days just didn't sit well with me. I started looking at various cabs I had on hand, and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to make something different for the event this year. Funny how that happens.

I dug out some really neat vintage glass cabs, the one pictured above is from the 1940's, there will be 3 of these on the finished piece, my photos can't capture the beautiful colors and sparkle in these cabs.

I also added some vintage clear light green glass tear drop shaped cabs that are beveled around the outside and because you can see through to the fabric, it looks like a little swimming pools to me. And the sequins... vintage as well, purchased from a woman who sold off her grandmother/great aunt's beads and sequins that had been packed away for many years. They are nice in that the colors do not rub off like I have found with some of the newer sequins.

In pouring through my stash, I found a dichroic cab made by on old friend (Noel) from a Yahoo doll group I belonged to a few years ago. Another case where it looked perfect with the bead kit and the fabric, so it HAD to be added!

So my project it almost finished, but I'm only showing small pieces of it for now. I have had a couple of challenging weeks at work - and since I run to beads as my outlet for stress, I've been beading most evenings for several hours. Ah... sweet relief!


Lynn said...

Spectacular!!! But you are such a tease--I want to see more! Your pics are awesome too. Don't you just love the way that black just makes the beads pop?

AJ said...

Grace, your embroidery is just so gorgeous! Can't wait to see the finished piece.

*~tabby~* crooked heart art said...

hi grace
more more we need to see more!! :)
ahh grace your beading leaves me
breathless as always, the colors are beautiful and remind me of a balmy day at the ocean,toes in the sand palm trees swaying-giggle-ok no palm trees here in Ct.-sun twinkling off the water
sorry to hear work has been stressful but you sure know how to channel it into beauty
thanks for sharing grace
enjoy your day
x's & o's
tammy :)

Pursuing Art... said...

The colors are GORGEOUS! Oh, they remind me of the ocean too. The fabric was a perfect choice and I love the cabs you've included...yum! As always, your beading is beautiful and I can't wait to see what you are whipping up! ;-)

Wishing work wasn't so stressful...but I'm glad beading gives you serenity that strengthens and restores your spirit!

Have a nice weekend...~Lisa

Reflections of life and art said...

Grace, the cab looks perfect for your piece.....and yes I did make it and gift it to you...oh a couple of years ago...seems so long ago!
Can't wait to see your finished piece!


Kiwi Ellen said...

You are off to a great start Grace!

Seems great minds think alike, as I have 'mermaid - mermaid' swirling in my mind too but not a doll either LOL

I'm looking forward to see what you have come up with

abeadlady said...

No mermaids here, but definitely a water theme going. Your teasers look great. Can't wait to see the finished product. I have a good start on mine already. Just couldn't stand to see those beads sit there for very long. LOL.

flyingbeader said...

Okay...I'm so impatient at having to wait to see what you are going to do with what you've done so far! NO DOLL??? You know there is a way to make that into a doll..still.....


Quilter Kathy said...

These colours are so pretty and your beading is breathtaking! Can't wait to see what you are making? Did you go with the mermaid theme?? Or something completely different?
Enquiring minds want to know!!!

Dot said...

Grace - love how you have been able to incorporate some of your special pieces into this project (isn't it lovely when that happens?).

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeousness!

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