Friday, January 16, 2009

Beautiful felted bowl...

I was actually lucky enough to receive my second felted bowl recently. I LOVE these things!

I received this wonderful bowl from a friend (Bobbie) in Oregon. Bobbie is sister to the woman that made the other beautiful felted bowl I posted about recently. Such creative talent in that family!

I don't know if you can tell it's a square by these photos, it's so neat. The dimensions are 4 inches by 4 inches and it's 4 inches deep.

Bobbie, her sister Anne, and I have collaborated on a several quilt squares in the past. It was such fun working on a project with them.

Bobbie and Anne along with our friend Sammie have been my traveling pals in the last few years On each of our trips we have shared some wonderful creative time. It's always such a treat to vacation with girlfriends and a bonus when such creativity abounds. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that our 4th musketeer Sammie keeps us supplied with wonderful baked goods and lots of entertaining conversation


Christina said...

Nice! I love felt bowls, too.

Sammie said...

Hey Girl,
I am cooking up a storm this morning. Snickerdoodles for Ben, and fresh apple cake for Shelli and Francie. When I open the freezer, and see all the blackberries, I think about a cobbler for you, Anne, and Bobbie. Have a good day

Pursuing Art... said...

Okay...not funny...I've missed a whole chapter here!!!

Another beautiful lucky girl!!! I love the colors and the square shape. Bobbie and Anne are so fun, such sweethearts and are so talented! I've never thought about it before...but couldn't they collaborate and share a blog together?...I think so. You need to talk the girls into this Grace! I would be a fan and would love to see their heart art!!!

Bobbie and Anne...your felted bowls are awesome!!! These make me want to pull my knitting needles out!

I've so been thinking about you Grace and Anne too. That arctic blast is something else...good girls must be FREEZING!!! BE safe, take good care and stay warm! ~Lisa

P.S. My verification word didn't go through the first time and oh my goodness...YAY SAMMIE!!! Snickerdoodles and apple cake sound delightful! Now where is Anne and Bobbie??? ~wink~

Phyl said...

Ohhhh!What a gorgeous felted bowl/vessel!!!And
the cheery colors:my fave
PINK!These are talented
and creative friends you have; thanks for sharing
these pix!I've made wet-
felted bowls...lots of time
& energy; now I "full"
wool sweaters from the
thrift shops in the wash/
dryer to "felt" them the
quick, easy way.Then cut
pieces to sew together
for vessels, purses, etc.!

KV said...

What a lovely treasure!

Kathy V in NM

Henrysmomsmusings said...

What a beautiful bowl and what nice creative friends you have!

Shoozles said...

Love this little work

Leaves of Grass

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