Monday, December 01, 2008

Pumpkin kitty

Soon after I received the wonderful package from Monica described in my last post, I played around a bit with one of the cat faced forms. Added a few beads and gave him a pair of shoes.

I get the impression he may be the type that puts on just enough of a costume for Halloween in order to blend in, then steals candy from the unsuspecting - he just looks mischievous like that to me. I'm pretty sure that's why he needed sneakers!

I am ready to move on to Christmas now, am looking forward to going through decorations and finding my Christmas music. It's certainly cold enough here, we've had snow now for a couple of days. Not too much, just a bit more than a dusting. Even though I don't like the cold so much, I find the landscape beautiful when it's covered in fresh snow.

Halloween is a memory now, the decorations are packed away - that means this little guy needs a home. Would you like him to come live with you? If so... leave a comment on this post and I'll add your name to a drawing for him. I'll take names until midnight (eastern time) on Friday (December 5) and let you know the name drawn on Saturday.

I hope you're having a great week!


Kathy Wagner said...

He is a hoot Grace!
But please don't put my name in for the draw...I have already won one of your beaded treasures! Can't be too greedy here :)

freebird said...

He does look mischievous. His hair looks like he's trying to masquerade as a lion!

What do you mean on to Christmas?!?! I haven't finished my BJP for November yet.

abeadlady said...

He is a cutie for sure! I'd be happy to have anything you do.


Candys in Oklahoma said...

Well if he steals Candy then he needs to come live with me!

LOL.........Piece is too cute and I love the 'tail'

Candys in Oklahoma

Hélène H said...

I really love that cat but I feel like Kathy, can't be too greedy.

pam T said...

Oh, he is absolutely adorable! I'd love to win him...!

crooked heart art~tabby said...

hi grace
i love the kitty what a hoot!!
please send SNOW-i need some here in new england-its been to warm and green-i need snow to get into the holiday spirt oh and to make a snow angel or two :)
hope you are well grace
enjoy your day

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

woo, those are some snazzy shoes I must say! IF I were wearing THOSE I'm certain I wouldn't have caught this nasty cold!

LOVE to watch you p-l-a-y.

~me :)

Maryanne said...

Kitty is very cute ... love the shoes.


Pursuing Art... said...

He is SO CUTE! He does look a little mischievous and if he's stealing candy from the wonder he's wearing those sneakers!!! Look at that grin...I think he got away with it! LOL! I'd love you to add my name to your drawing...I think he's adorable.

I'm envious that you've seen snow, even a little bit. I just love long as I'm warm, don't have to get anywhere, and there's plenty of food in the house! ;-)

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