Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Time to usher out 2008 and invite in the new year with all the surprises it holds! I wish every one a year filled with good health and abundant success, oh and beads... LOTS of beads!

The cute little butterball of a baby pictured above was one of our guests over the Christmas holiday and this photo made me think of the Baby New Year. I think he's the perfect poster child for 2009

In playing around with my camera I also snapped a shot of our Christmas tree the other night.

We are still cleaning up from the ice storm and subsequent winds that hit just before Christmas, some of the really big clean up will have to wait for spring.

A couple of other items...

I eagerly follow the Etsy team of BAO (Bead Art Originals), I subscribe to their blog and have many, if not all, of their artists marked as Etsy favorites. It is a fun group of extremely talented artists. Do yourself a favor and take a little tour of their blog for some mouth watering close up photos of their work.

Before Christmas they had a BAO GiveAway extravaganza - 12 days of give aways, 12 lucky winners of amazing creations by the artists. I happen to be one of those lucky winners (I LOVE it when that happens) and wanted to share a photo of my prize.

Isn't it wonderful? The pendant was designed and created by MaryLou Holvenstot at 'time2cr8', she was generous in offering to make the pendant in colors of my choice. Does it get any better? I mean really!?!

Speaking of giveaways - have you noticed my latest button... up there on the right side of my blog? The one that says "One World One Heart", yeah THAT one! I was a participant last year and plan to take part again this year.

There were several hundred bloggers last year that gave away wonderful items on their blogs, all kinds of stuff, handmade, store bought, candles, food, jewelry, art of all kinds - and the best part? Anyone can win! The only requirement, you must have a blog - that's it!

I plan to bead up a few items for the event and I will do my best to make my rounds to as many of the other blogs as I can to see what everyone else is doing/giving away. It's a great way to find new blogs and make new blog friends!

So mark your calendars... the big give away will be held on February 12. I encourage you to click on the badge above to read more about it and join me in the fun.

I also finished the doll shown in teaser shots in my last post, my plan is to get full photos of it up in the next few days. I'm also happily working away on my November Bead Journal Project, I should be able to finish that up in the next day or so and get started on my December page.

For now... relax and enjoy what is left of 2008 and look forward to ringing in the new year!


KV said...

Happiest of New Year's to you, dear Grace!

Kathy V in NM

Katie B said...

Happy new year Grace!
I saw the adorable kitty that you did for Pam! It was wonderful!

Maggie R said...

Dear Grace..
Happy New Year Dear Heart
I always enjoy seeing and reading about your travels and accomplishments....
you are an inspiration...
That baby is certainly a cutie! and Yes I am going to participate in the One World One Heart again this year.... That was so much fun....
All the best

Tally said...

Have a good creative year!

It was fun dropping in here and reading what has happened.
See you soon again (waiting for the doll)

:-) MaryLou said...

Thanks so much for the mention! I'm really glad you like your heart pendant. It was fun to experiment with mixing those blue beads to come up with something that looked like denim.

I'm just taking a quick break from beadweaving to poke around on the internet for awhile, so for me 2009 is beginning much as 2008 ended.

I've now bookmarked your blog so I can keep up with all your beady endeavors.

Happy New Year, Grace!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

One of my MOST treasured moments of '08 ...

is continuing to DISCOVER new things about YOU!


it has been one true pleasure getting to know you through your blog!

Art HARD in 2009...



Love You.

abeadlady said...

May 2009 bring you all you desire. It has been a treat sharing another year with you. Your giving nature makes you a wonderful example for other beaders to follow.
Happy New Year!

MoonRae said...

Many blessings friend!! it's been a long time, but you are always in my thoughts(plus I DO subscribe to your blog so I can keep up with you and all your goings on) May 2009 be the best ever!!!! much love and smiles

Hélène H said...

I wish you a happy, healthy, peaceful and creative New Year, Grace !

Thanks for the link, it's really nice, and that baby is just adorable.


Kiwi Ellen said...

Happy new Year Grace - what a delightful wee baby you have there!!

Triz Designs said...

thank you so much for your comment! wishing you a very happy new year!!!

GraceBeading said...

Thanks for the comments! You all have been most kind in visiting and commenting on my blog. I do love to come and read what you've written. It's nice to see the die hard followers as well as some new (and very inspiring) name - MaryLou & Triz, that would be both of you!

Sharon - I haven't talked to you in ages, but think of you often. I miss you!

I look forward to seeing what you all do with your creative efforts in the new year.

Pursuing Art... said...

Happy New Year...thanks for your wishes...and I love the filled with LOTS of beads part! ;-)

What a doll baby he is...he's so cute!!! Your Christmas tree is beautiful too!!! The tree lights and ornaments in the evening are always so mesmerizing to a fire is too.

The pendant give away you received is beautiful! You are a lucky girl! That was sweet of her to make it in colors of your choice too...I like the blues.

Latest button...?!?!!...oh, THAT ONE!!! You are too funny! LOL!!! Oh, I want too...I really do...I'm thinking about it...I really am! And I keep hearing that little voice that once told me to just think 'SMALL'...I know I shouldn't but, oh...I want to join in the fun too!!!

xo ~me

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