Saturday, December 13, 2008

Beads good enough to eat...

Well, they look like that to me in close up shots! How about you - do you like seeing really close up shots of beads. I thoroughly enjoy them. I can pick up so much more in photos that I can't see with the naked eye. Sometimes a good thing, others ... not so much.

I have been playing around with some super close up shots of beads and the lighting, well really not playing with the lighting - just trying to get it right (what a pain). So I thought I'd share some with you for fun.

I just finished this bracelet for a Christmas present. I made one last year for me, using a little bit different colors and on mine I didn't add the picot edge. I think I like this one more than mine.

I found the pattern in the December 2006 issue of Bead & Button, it beads up relatively quickly and just screams Merry Christmas - to me anyway. I used a vintage glass button for the clasp and it has that gold stuff (tech talk) on the back. I realize it may flake off with use, but it will still be pretty, besides it was the perfect button for this bracelet. (Did I just defend myself against myself for using this button? :-)

In the article, it suggests sewing a second layer of beads on top of every other candy cane for additional flair. I did and I like it!

If you're like me and enjoy the super jumbo close ups - make sure you click on each photo for a mouth watering experience.


freebird said...

I do like close-ups - until they show me the cat and dog hair I didn't know was there! This is really great. I take it the recipient doesn't read your blog! The extra row of beads sets off the design really nicely. As far as the gold on the large bead, it will have to be worn quite a few times before it will wear off and being seasonal, that means a few years probably. Thanks for sharing it.

Carol Dean said...

These are some great shots of a lovely piece! Lucky recipient :D

crooked heart art~tabby said...

how festive grace!! i love it
i bet it looks wonderful on
and the clam shell how very cool is that!!
i usually have to download my pics to my puter in order to 'see' how it came out-the old peepers aren't what they used to be-lol
have a
tammy :)

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

sweet sweet sweet, some lucky girl will be proudly showing off your creation!

Hélène H said...

A lovely cuff !

Phyl said...

YES! I love close-up photos of beads!Whether they're just in a pile, or in this gorgeous bracelet! And that funky bling-bling
button is perfect!I have a "rhinestone" fetish, whether for vintage broken jewelry or buttons....and when the gold backing wears off this one, it can easily be repainted!NOT to's the perfect clasp for a bright and shiny Christmas bracelet! Thanks for sharing your always beautiful bead art.....

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