Monday, September 01, 2008

An art trade

I just finished a doll for a young friend out in Texas. I have not met her in person as yet, but she is a member of my extended family.

And I know her Uncle (my Mr.) thinks the world of her.

At only 10 years old Legacy is already an extremely talented painter. I have included just a small sampling of photos of her work throughout this post. I'm so excited about this trade!

Details on the doll... the mermaid form was made by oh sew wonderful Monica Magness and is about 6 inches tall, her face was made by very talented face artist Jen Martin.

(Click image for a larger view)
Her face is held in place by peyote stitch, I used two beautiful transparent amethyst luster leaf beads for her 'bra'. I added a 8mm light amethyst AB Swarovski crystal (margarita 3700) bead for her belly button and lots of peachy/yellow fresh water pearls for her 'scales'. Her fins on the front are decorated with size 12/0 dark turquoise beads mixed with size 15/0 metallic transparent violet AB seed beads.

On her back - I made my usual spiral on the back of her head for a nice base for 'hair'. Her 'scales' on the back are represented using vintage light turquoise sequins held in place by the same size 15/0 metallic transparent violet AB seed beads found in her fins. The bottom of her fins on the back are covered with size 15/0 teal beads.

Her 'arms' are 3 strands of beads with two ending with a drop bead and one strand ending with a purple pressed glass triangle bead. Then there is her hair... my very favorite part of beading a doll is the hair. It really isn't anything special - stitch wise, it's a basic fringe stitch. I try to incorporate all the colors used in the doll in the seeds beads used for the hair and end each fringe strand with a larger bead. In this one I added a few shell beads as well for texture, and, well because - don't all mermaids have shells in their hair?

I have not named her, I thought her new owner would like the honor of doing that.

Legacy... you just keep getting better and better! I hope you like your doll.


KV said...

Legacy certainly is a very talented artist! Stunning work for a ten-year old. Your mermaid doll will surely spark many moments of inspiration for her, too.

Beautiful work, Grace . . .

Kathy V in NM

jacqui said...

Your mermaid is a masterpeice as its the work of Legacy. Her work is amazing!

Dottie Hoeschen said...

Your mermaid is wonderful, Grace!! I have always had a weakness for mermaids and they keep recurring in my artworks(but, I usually keep them for myself). Yours is inspirational!

Murphy said...

I wish I could paint that well! Legacy's work is so beautiful!
Love those mermaid's scales and the colors you used are so yummy. What a wonderful trade for both of you.

crooked heart art~tabby said...

hi grace
oh my legacy does wonderful art!! and your mermaid is stunning as always-what a wonderful trade you have made
i hope you get to meet this inspiring young artist soon
enjoy your day
tammy :)

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Grace, WOW!!!! I was already scrolling down with a HOOGE smile across my face... soaking up the lovely paintings and WONDERing just who created these magical pieces... LEGACY... how sweet her imagination is! And that doll!!! I imagine you two will forever be connected after this swap despite that you haven't exactly met yet.... truly magnificent!

(and Grace your dolls siiiiiiing d'ling!)

Missed you. Trying to get Texas out of my mind so I can get back to WORK here.

~Monica (who still thinks she is boot scootin' BOOGY-ing, for a dance???)

abeadlady said...

Your doll is stunning! What a great gift for a very talented young girl. If she paints that well at 10 y/o, she has quite a future ahead of her.


freebird said...

Wow! Let me say it again, wow! To both of you. I have to share this post with my 11 year old granddaughter who is taking online art classes with me. Wow. I love all the colors your niece is using and all her details.

Your mermaid is super and thanks for the hair tutorial. I'll stash it in the recesses of my brain for hopefully, recall when I need it. I love both sides of your doll. I don't know which side is best. Guess it's just a great doll.

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh Grace...what a talented artist for ten years! Love her beautiful paintings and she is going to just love the doll you are trading with her! She definitely needs too keep pursuing art like Cathie's daughter! Isn't it amazing how talented young kids are?

~Lisa ;-)

Hélène H said...

A beautiful doll for a stunning young artist !

Dot said...

Oh Grace - what a BEAUTIFUL post! Legacy's art is incredible - hard to believe she is only 10 years old.

She will be so thrilled (and encouraged to continue on with her ) with your beaded doll and I know she will treasure it forever.

When I opened your blog and saw the mermaid doll you had made for Legacy I gasped. Your art never ceases to take my breath away!

So much detail, beautiful beading and love in every stitch. And speaking as someone who owns one of your creations I know how blessed Legacy is.

Your eye for color is perfect and your heart is always open wide to encourage others and bring them happiness.

You are a very special person.

Dot xx

Phyl said...

what a wonderful swap!this mermaid you beaded is so gorgeous with her colors of the sea and shells!And what a talented young artist who's doing great watercolors...hope her folks encourage her to take art lessons at every opportunity!just wait...she's gonna want you to teach her to bead dolls!your work is very special, as are you....

coral-seas said...

Wow, these are lovely paintings by any standard but from a 10-year-old. Legacy you are a very talented young lady.

And as for the mermaid, stunning, simply stunning.

Great trade ladies, both parties have done very well out of this swap :)

GraceBeading said...

Thanks so much for all the comments. Legacy is quite the talent, isn't she? She does have an art instructor and I imagine will continue to get better and better. I know it's a bit astounding to me to look at these and know she painted them when she was 9 - 10.

I'm glad everyone seems to like the mermaid too - I do enjoy beading them (although those scales can get tedious), there is something special about mermaids I think.

Kivett Studio said...

I love your mermaid, she's gorgeous.

Wow only 10 years old! So very talented at such a young age.From one artist to another, I know she will treasure your gift forever and it will inspire her to keep creating.

Henrysmomsmusings said...

Your mermaid is gorgeous and Legacy's paintings leave me speechless. I cannot believe that she is only 10 years old.
Thank you for letting us see.

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