Saturday, July 19, 2008

March Bead Journal Project (BJP)

Beading through the darkest hour. This is the piece that allowed me to get over the 'hump' of my beading slump. I decided to be gentle with myself and not force it. One of the reasons I hesitated to pick up needle, thread and beads was because I felt I was forcing it.

I generally go for a more bead encrusted look, but was terribly uninspired for March. I was leaning toward an Easter and Spring theme - I had this cute raku chick I wanted to incorporate.

The beautiful material came from a friend of mine (Anne). She made a wonderful tote with the 2 colors of material seen here. The raku chick (how cute is that?) was created by the wonderfully talented Lisa Peters of Lisa Peters Art. If you have not seen her stuff, do yourself a favor and peruse her website or her Flickr photostream. You're in for a treat!

The sun is represented by vintage French sequins and bugle beads.

Next up... fun in July.


KV said...

That raku chick is awesome!

Kathy V in NM

Hélène H said...

I think it's good that you were able not to force yourself, and do something, even if it is very different from what you usually do. I think this is the beauty of the BJP ; the journaling aspect that allows us to meet the more shadowy aspects of ourselves as well as the more luminous.

Your previous pieces had lots of beads and tackled big issues. I think you have managed to convey strong emotions as well with much less beads.


abeadlady said...

Your May piece is lovely. We can't stay on a high creatively all the time. If you look at my last two pages, you'll see that we all hit a low period at times. I'm already looking forward to September and starting a new BJP. The ideas are starting to come. Yours will too.


freebird said...

It got you through a slump so it accomplished a lot. That chick is something! I am still working on April and need to get May started. I was so down for a while I was thinking about dropping the BJP and then caught myself as that is the last one I really want to drop. I love the group and the beads. I think I will go much simpler this next year though.

You would have thought winter would have been the toughest season and instead it seems summer is.

Maggie R said...

Hi Grace,
Your new piece is lovely. I love the "Chicken"....
Glad you are picking up speed. We all do have our low points, but it feels so good when we get our muse back
Take care

Pursuing Art... said...

This piece is just perfect Grace and I like it's simplicity! The raku chick is darling. And, after beading through the darkest seems so appropriate that the sun is shining and there is a chick with her eggs and new life!

~Lisa ;-)

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

That chik is ROCKn!

GraceBeading said...

I'm telling you all.. that chick is SO much cuter in person too, glad you like it too! I think I actually have another one in a brown color too.

jacqui said...

You may not appreciate it but its a heck of an accomplishment to get through a slump and still be smiling through it....I can see the smile in the work and the Sun is postively singing!

lisa peters ART said...

I just saw this blog post, Grace..
I love what you did with the chick..
I think I may have fire more this fall.
You have just inspired me! Sometimes I just have to look around and see what people are doing and then it helps me create things that are easier to incorporate into the designs..If you ever have any suggestions or requests..please let me know. It is fun trying to help accomplish someone else's goal once in a while and I welcome any comments you or your beading friends may have!

I knew the chick would be good when I first made him!
You did an awesome job!

Lisa Peters

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