Friday, March 07, 2008

Life (and mail) is so good...

I am thankful for yet another wonderful week of connections via this blog, the web and the wonderful items sent to me from friends near and far.

First up... I won a drawing over at Clevelandgirlie's blog, a beautiful little quilt that defies description. I don't sew - I am in awe, it is amazing - just look at the detail on this piece.

The sunflower - can you see the beads in the middle?

The cat

and the crow...

And the other goodies she included (as if the quilt wasn't enough).

a hand painted cards, beads and charms

And that's not all!!!

I won another drawing recently for one of Cinda's groovy denim bracelets. It not only looks good, it smells good too!

And would you look at the embroidering she added... how sweet is that?

Now last, but certainly not least... a box arrived yesterday stuffed full of wonderful smelling products from Sue at OldTimer & Lily. This is another drawing I entered and was lucky enough to win (I know - it's an embarrassment of riches). I was treated to some amazing luxury soaps as well as some wonderful body lotion, face cream, sugar scrub, cocoa butter & milk bath and healing body butter. I can't say enough about the fragrances - they are clean smelling and not too heavy, just the way I like them. If I didn't convey the message clearly yet, let me say it again... A M A Z I N G!!! I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I was so excited to try the products - I didn't stop long enough to take a photo.


Clevelandgirlie said...

I am so happy you liked your little quiltlet. I hope that looking at it makes you happy!


turquoise cro said...

That quilt is soOOoOOoO SWEET!!! I've been wanting to quilt here lately but am busy sewing some Spring curtains! Grace, I am sooOOOOOo GLAD YOU liked your bracelet, sorry my stitching is a little rusty but at least YOU made it out!!! tee hee I'll be going to seeeeeeeeee those soaps later, just taking a break from scrubbing floors!!! UG! but I really don't mind, I do my best thinking while on my knees! Yeah, I'm an old fashioned gal! No mops! Happy Week-end sweetie!!! xoxoxox,Cinda

freebird said...

Lucky you! That quilt is super. I haven't done any machine embroidery like that. And other prizes too. Hooray!

Cotton Picker said...

My goodness, you are a lucky gal with so many winnings.

I just saw the beautiful crown you made for the Community Art Doll over at Monica's blog. Outstanding.

Dot said...

Such beautiful gifts in the mail (ans it couldn't happen to a nicer person).

Dot xx

Dot said...

Mmm...I love body pampering goodies too...they sound delicious (and low calorie too he hee).

GraceBeading said...

Oh Cathie... I love it, it lifts my spirits just by looking at it, thanks again!

Cinda, thanks for stopping by - you're stitching is perfect just as it is!

A big thanks to all of you for checking in and leaving comments, I appreciate it!

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