Monday, January 21, 2008

My first beading class

I took my first official "real" beading class this past weekend. I must say, it was quite pleasant being in the company of other beaders while working on a project. Granted, there were only 3 other students and the teacher, but I enjoyed it.

The project - Coil Chain Bracelet. The supplies called for size 15/0 beads in two colors and 11/0 Delica's in one color. I don't have an extensive stash of Delica's or size 15/0 beads. So, I went through what I had on hand and found I had a light and dark purple in size 15/0 and a pale yellow Delica.

I absolutely love the feel of this bracelet, it is delicate, supple and pretty. I want to make MORE! It was a 2 hour class and I did not finish my bracelet within the allotted time, but brought it home and not only finished up that one, but beaded up another in Japanese 11/0's and 8/0's. I really wanted one in blue to wear with jeans.

After I finished the second bracelet I started a third - I am a woman obsessed (big surprise, huh?).

Then there are my other projects...
I have the focals for my January Bead Journal Project laid out and the surface ready to go, but need to pick out the beads to go with it. I also want to make a few squares for the Pink Artist project as well as one or two squares for the Bead it Forward project.

I DID finish up my offering for the One World One Heart project this weekend and photos of that will be posted on or around February 1 with details on the drawing.

I love a full plate!


Noel said...

Grace, love the bracelets...would never know this was your first official beading lesson...hehehe!
Well done!

KV said...

This is a really cool pattern, Grace! And I have to agree with Noel -- first class? Bet it was loads of fun.

Kathy V in NM

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

I'm coming back to sign up for your OWOH giveaway(s). At first I smiled that you'd take a class when you could teach the class but then I channeled in that you (like me) enjoy the comradery of the visit. These bracelets are amazing, Grace I see why you could get addicted to making these! One in every color on Ur proj list? ;) ~Monica

Gypsy said...

OOOhh, I love slinky, too, Grace!
Bet they feel like Heaven on the wrist. Must say I wished I lived close enough to take classes with anyone!

Grace said...

Thanks friends!

Noel and KV, you're both kind - I have to say it was kinda nice to have someone right there to help, I've become so used to just reading and re-reading directions until I understand what I should be doing.

Monica - I should have my OWOH up this weekend. And the bracelets... oh if you only knew - I have completed 2 mores since this post and it seems the color combos are endless!

Aryd'ell - they DO feel so good on the wrist. And it really was a treat for me to actually take a class. I think I'll do it again when they have another one that strikes my fancy!

Naturegirl said...

Beautiful work! I shall also be participating in the one heart one world event..see you there!hugs NG

Anonymous said...


Glad you enjoyed our class. We hope to see more of you and your amazing work. THink I a going to try to get something done for the charity blanket.
see ya soon faith

Elsita :) said...

Wow Grace!
You made these bracelets from what you learned in your very FIRST CLASS!!!!? You are amazing! Congratulations!!!!
You definitely get alone very well with beads!!
Elsita :)

Cotton Picker said...

Grace, thank you for stopping by my blog today and for your kind comments.

I was surprised that this was your first beading class as I thought you were an experienced beader. You must be entirely self-taught. When I look at your wonderful work, it gives me hope that I can teach myself beading too as what I do right now is very, very basic.

Grace said...

Thanks friends! Faith - so good to see you here and I see you'll be participating - am looking forward to seeing what you create.

And I must say, even though this is my first official class, I have been playing with beads for a few years and have learned a whole lot from various books and online tutorials.

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