Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More coil bracelets

Because I can't have just one or two, there are far too many color combos that I must try!

I beaded up one in cobalt (Japanese size 15/0) and a lighter blue bead (Japanese size 15/0) with sliver Delica's down the middle. Funny thing, the cobalt blue looks purple until you hold it up to the light and then it is really the most brilliant blue. Another one so dainty and feels to good on.

I HAD to have at least one in black. This one used sized 15/0 beads as well, in black opaque and what looks like black lined topaz AB (they are not labeled) and the spine down the middle is a matte black Delica. The true color on this one was far too difficult for me to capture with my camera.

It feels a little differently than the blue - a bit stiffer, but still nice.


tammy said...

hi grace
oh these are beauties-love them both but the blue and silver really catches my eye
so pretty and in 15's no less-love those little pretty's :)
have a great day
tammy :)

Stacy Alexander said...

Oh, Grace! I've just had the most delightful time looking through your various blogs and seeing your incredible bead work!

Lucky me to have this opportunity!

You are a true inspiration!


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Gorgeous work Grace. I was so happy you visited my blog. Hope you'll stop by often. ~ Lynn

Dot said...

They are lovely Grace. I always find so much inspiration here.

rochambeau said...

Wow!! You are such a talented bead Queen!!!

Maggie R said...

These bracelets are lovely Grace. Not familiar with the pattern. It is a nice size and your colors are awesome....
Glad to see you aren't slackin' off these days!VBG

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