Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dotee dolls

click photo for larger view

I recently discovered these dolls and thought they were adorable. Not being one who can operate a sewing machine (yet, Monica - I promise I will learn some day...), I thought creating one might give me a good opportunity to work on my doll form making skills as well as hand stitching the features on the face. I must say, I had a blast! The form was sewn by hand and then stuffed. It's nice to work on a doll that can be completely fairly quickly (compared to the beaded dolls anyway) and seems to have such personality.

Remember when I posted about signing up on Swap-Bot - an online swapping forum? It was through that forum I originally joined a swap for 2 winter themed Dotee's as well as a Valentine Dotee. I have since concluded that forum was not for me and have dropped from the swaps. I'm still making the dolls though. They may end up as give-aways once they are completed.

Completed with a beaded hanger and a little dangle, I imagine she could be someone that had a little too much Christmas punch at a party and couldn't resist putting on an antler hat with some holly around her midsection.


Pat Winter said...

She is cute! Last year a friend sent me one and I love her. I too hadn't heard of them until then. Love the antlers too!

tammy lang said...

hi grace
awwww she;s a cutie:)
i have seen a few of them here and there-how big are they??
hope you aren't getting any of that awful ice!

Grace said...

Hi friends,
Pat - they certainly bring the smiles, don't they?

Tammy - this one is about 4 inches tall, fits in the hand perfectly and feel nice too!

Now for the ice... it's finally melting, now we have flood warnings, but we did have a good bit of ice accumulation - kinda scary.

Jo Anne Owens said...

Hey Grace! I love this dotee doll...looks quick and pretty easy...once I get a minute to breathe, I might try my hand at one or two! Thanks for sharing!

Grace said...

Hi Jo Anne - I hope you do, I'd be curious to see what you do with this type of doll as well.

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