Monday, October 22, 2007

New doll

I've been working on this doll for several days now for a special friend. I guess I wasn't done with the black and gold colors used in my September Bead Journal Project page although the color scheme is similar, I did use different beads - and added the silver lined gray beads.

I was playing around with my new camera a bit to try different settings - so lots of photos on this one.

The form is by my buddy Monica and the face by Griselda Tello. If you're not familiar with her work, please check out this gallery of some of her dolls - she creates some amazing pieces!

This doll is about 6 inches tall and at times while working on it, made me think of an Inuit Shaman, but I think that is due to the face and the fiber around the face - not the beading. Other times I see a wise old woman. What do you see?

Some random closeups...




And that wonderful face

Now to start on my October Bead Journal Project page - not like me to get such a late start, but I'm having so much fun with the Bead Journal Project I want to let it happen as it will and savor the experience rather than stress over the date and deadlines.


Hélène H said...

Oh wow, this one is so powerful ! The hair is fantastic and really sets off the compelling face, and the colours are just great.

She makes me think of an Egyptian Shaman or maybe a wise woman from Namibia - somewhere in Africa anyways, with lots of power and magic.

I like all your dolls but I think this one has something really special. Congratulations (and lucky friend) !

Grace said...

Thank you Helene, glad you like her. I haven't sent her off to her new home yet, I'm not ready to let her go and I like playing with her hair :-)

Maggie R said...

GRACE this one is fabulous! A favorite color combination of mine. BTW Speaking of color. I was looking at Marie Deeb's color contest and saw your winning piece!!! CONGRATS! You "hand" is one beautiful work. The way you did the colors.... You sure have a "Way"
I have to get back to my beads. I am just learning crazy patch quilting and will embellish my piece with beads OF COURSE!!
So much to do!! not enough time!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Luv-n those close-up shots Grace, greattttt detail!!!

Gypsy said...

What great shots of an intriguing doll....what camera did you use, Grace?

Grace said...

Maggie - thanks for the kind words, I had fun with that contest, the bonus was winning - it was a surprise.

Monica - glad you like the photos.

Aryd'ell - I'm using a FujiFilm FinePix S6000

KV said...

I agree with Helene -- this doll is a very powerful image. And exquisitely beaded, too!

Kathy V in NM

tammy lang said...

hi grace oh i love it-to me she has a healing look about her-very peaceful and serene
great beading as always-wonderful texture and a meaningful face

Christina said...

Grace, she's a triumph. After looking at all her photos, I kept being put in mind of the Pharonic mummies, but I think that too may be from the influence of the face, although her wonderful hair does look so like those wonderful perfumed and oiled wigs. She's beautiful, but a little bit scary too - definitely a very special doll.

Helaine said...

I love the close ups your camera gives you they are very crisp shots.


Grace said...

You all are so good to me, thanks for the nice comments! I have to tell you that I have struggled at times with faces for my dolls. I don't tend to gravitate towards anything that is dark or scary. I especially struggle with faces with open eyes because so many of them look demonic or scary to me. I have a definite discomfort with masks and some painted faces (especially clowns). I have to say that the face on this doll was extremely hard to capture on film.

To me it is very serene and powerful looking and yes, maybe just a little bit scary - in a way that an old wise or powerful person (such as a shaman) might be a little scary because they know so much. Does that make any sense?

I still haven't sent this doll on, I'm not done looking at it yet :-)

ACey said...

When I first clicked on your blog today, I immediately thought of Inuit ceremonial masks. What a great face cab! The doll you have created around it really radiates a lot of energy. Keep thinking of that popular expression "standing in your power".

sammy said...

Grace, this doll is awesome! And thanks so much for all the super close up pictures... I went back a couple pages on your blog and am just amazed at all your beading! You make my mouth drop!

Grace said...

Thanks for the comments, I appreciate your thoughts Acey.

Sammy... you are so kind, I'm glad you enjoyed your tour :-)

Griselda said...

wow woman, you did it this time, I nearly fell off my chair, how did you do that face, I mean the finish is very different! Thanks for giving a link to my place. I love your site, I have been working on mine instigated by Monica who said I had "abandoned it" laughs*
It is so cool to see what you have done with a face of mine, I did not recognize it at all!
Hugs and Bright Blessings to you. Griselda

freebird said...

I thought of mummies at first like Christina but after that first thought she reminds me of an old woman with nothing left but her old heart which has seen so very much. What else matters in the end but our heart?

Grace said...

Thanks ladies! Gris, glad I could do that wonderful face justice. Freebird - so true. I read a passage by one of my favorite authors in a book that said his goal was to love well. I think that says it all.

Griselda said...

You are so inspiring, I will add Walt's poem to one of my other blogs, food for the soul indeed.
Look out for mail, I am sending a lil bit of magic for your art soon.

Dot said...

This doll is brilliant! And has a powerful energy. I love the darker colors with gold. A very tribal looking doll. Love her hair too (and I have one of your dolls of my own - how lucky am I? yippeee)..

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