Monday, July 30, 2007

This cab's for you...

In the not too distant past, I participated in a cab swap on one of the bead forums I frequent through Delphi. In this swap, each participant mailed in and received back 4 cabs with seeds beads to match/compliment.

I do not consider myself a proficient cab beader, so I was excited to participate in this swap and learn more about beading around cabs. I worked on these this weekend and had such a good time. They are all brooches. I had not beaded a brooch in quite some time and it wasn't until glue was in place on one of the finished cabs that I remembered the pin back is glued on BEFORE the ultra suede is attached to the back. I didn't forget on the 3 remaining cabs. My goal is to work up to beaded a cab as a pendant with a matching beaded necklace.

While beading these, I frequently referred to the book 'Beading with Cabochons' by Jamie Cloud Eakin - it proved to be extremely helpful.

This cab is polymer clay and was made by Melissa Bell, I used peyote stitch as the bezel and a pointed edge. Dimensions: 2 inches

This glass cab came to me from AJ Reardon. The bezel is peyote stitch and edge is branch fringe. Dimensions: 3 tall; 2 1/2 inches wide

Next is a glass cab from Katy Welch, it has a standard bezel with a pointed edge. Dimensions: 2 inches tall and 1 1/2 inches wide

And last is a polymer clay (I think?) cab made by Celia Martin. The bezel is bead-raised with a joined pointed edge. Dimensions: 2 inches tall and 1 inch wide

Ladies - if you read this and notice I have made any errors in my description, or if you have links you'd like to provide, please let me know.

Thanks for a great swap!


Kathy Wagner said...

These are beautiful! I want to improve my skills in this technique and enjoyed seeing your projects.

Grace said...

Hi Kathy.. thanks for stopping by, glad you like them! I hope to bead up a few more in a Christmas theme.

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