Sunday, June 03, 2007

Swapped Dolls

On occasion, as time allows I participate in doll swaps through a Yahoo group (Beaded Art Dolls) and a Delphi group (Bead Art) to which I belong. I am also willing to approach others (and have once or twice) with which I'd like to swap. I enjoy the swaps and the chance to own something created by another. The anticipation of it all is exciting too.

The moderator of t
he doll group on Yahoo to which I belong is someone I have admired for a long time. She is an incredible doll artist, creating dolls using many mediums. I was taken with her cloth dolls, especially the faces, from the first time I saw her work. I approached her about doing a swap and she was kind enough to accept. This is the wonder of the Internet - she lives in Australia and had I not joined that doll group, our paths most certainly would have never crossed.

The color choice for the doll I would bead for her was not a difficult one - her favorite color is purple. I enjoy working with purple until it is time to photograph the work, purple is always so difficult to capture. I did my best with this one, but still don't feel as though the colors are captured properly.

This is the beautiful doll my
friend Lynn made for me. Her name is Blossom

or a short time I belonged to another group in Yahoo and joined a swap there, for that I chose to work with blue and orange. I was feeling in a spiral sort of mood I guess. She is beaded with Czech and Japanese seed beads, sequins and on her rear end, I used vintage glass sew on's.

The doll form is about 4" tall by Monica Magness, her tiny face by Sculpted Windows.

Another swap in which I participated was this past Valentine's Day on the Beaded Art Dolls group. A heart shape seemed a natural choice. The form is by Monica and the face by my friend, Diane in Brisbane Australia. This is the first time I used so many sequins at one time.

The form is about 4" across and that didn't seem so big until I started beading it. I enjoyed working with blue and gold together.


sammy said...

Grace, the beaded doll you did for Lynn is just amazing! and the doll you got from her is to die for also! I just love all your beading work! You truly inspire me every day!

Grace said...

Bless your heart Sammy - thank you so much. I really appreciate hearing from you.

Tally said...

This heart is so beautiful! I love the color and the fringe. Great inspiration. Thank you.

Hello from Hamburg

Grace said...

Thank you Tally... it's one of my favorites. Knowing that it inspires you makes it that much better.

Take care,

Leaves of Grass

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