Friday, June 29, 2007

Bead Journal Project (BJP) - July WIP

I started my July page... attached the fabric to the Pellon, gathered up beads I might use on this page and outlined my granddaughters hand. July will be about her, it is her birthday month. She is excited to see how it will come out. I have not thought out how I might bead it - that will come when I sit at my bead station and start to go through the beads. It will be beaded in shades of purple and yellow, that's all I know at this point.

I'm adding a photo of the back of the piece as it looks before adding the road map of beads to it.


sammy said...

can not wait for your next post to see what you have done! You are such a inspiration to me! I am so glad you started your blog!

Sunni said...

When is her birthday? The reason I ask is mine is the 11th. What a wonderful idea to do pages like this with your grandchildren in them.
Mine are so far away I don't get to do see them often. I can't wait to see what you do with this one, your work is always so wonderful.

Marie C said...

Hello - just found your blog via Monica's - totally in awe of your work - all of it is just wonderful!!

beadbabe49 said...

you clever rascal! I bet you're also going to submit this to the purple/yellow color challenge of margo field?

Grace said...

Sammy, thank you... you say the nicest things - always makes my day!

Sunni - her birthday is the 7th. I used to live far from my grandkids as well until about 3 years ago, I realigned my priorities, quit my job, packed up my stuff and moved from CA to Indiana. No regrets - I'm loving living closer to my grandkids and my son.

Marie - thanks for stopping by - Monica is an inspiration to me. I checked out your blog and love the face transformer thing... I'm going to link it on my page as well. I changed the photo in my profile to one I 'made' with that program - too cool!

Beadbabe - :-)) But of course! I am planning on using the July page to enter the color contest... I hope you're entering as well!

Jo in NZ said...

Grace, thanks so much for signing up for the Comfort Dol Project. Anything you make will truly be an inspiration to whomever receives it.
You Rock!

Sunni said...

Grace, I wish I could do just that.
Perhaps someday I can, for now it is not possible. My husbands children and grandchildren are in Az and Ut. Mine are in Fl. No matter where we go we are far from someone. However I sure enjoy them when I get to go see them.

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