Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fa la la la LPA...

It has been a Lisa Peters Art kind of season in my house of late. I worked on a couple of pins/pendants to help with a fundraiser benefiting shelter animals (see post "For the love of animals") in November.

After those were completed and sent off, I worked up a couple of pieces to send back to Lisa - a ring using one of her wonderful little flower cabs and a poodle brooch/pendant.

The tiny flower cab has a hole in the middle, I started this one by anchoring the cab to a small piece of Nicole's Bead Backing with a 6mm Swarovski margarita crystal bead and a 15/0 seed bead.

I use a small about of E6000 to secure the edges of the cab to the bead backing material and added size 3mm Swarovski bicones in between each of the flower petals

Green seed beads were added around the outside of the cab and crystals

I used gray Ultrasuede to back the piece, first cutting a small hole it in it to fit the pad on the ring blank through. I add a tiny dab of E6000 to the pad of the ring blank and attach it to the back of the beaded flower cab, then let dry. The ring blank is adjustable, so it can fit a wide range of sizes.

Once dry, I whip stitched the Ultrasuede to the bead backing on the cab using blue charlottes.

And there you have it... a pretty little ring - perfect for every day or a special occasion!

How about a little poodle cab pin/pendant with a heart??? Double win! Some time ago, Lisa sent me two of these cute little poodles, (click on any of the images to see a larger, more detailed view). I glued it down to bead backing and started by adding vintage sequins around the outside. The sequins are anchored by dark red seed beads, then outlined by those same pretty red beads.

The poodle is edged with cream colored seed beads with a dangle of red seed beads, a couple of cream colored seed beads, a red garnet heart, then finished with a beautiful heart bead by Lisa Peters.

It is backed with tan Ultrasuede and has a brass pinback with bail so it can be worn at a pendant or a pin/brooch.

Lastly, Amy at Bead & Glass Boutique had a Facebook contest using LPA components. Each participant was sent a kit. We were instructed to used most of the kit and any thing from our own stash we wanted to add. I received a beautiful cab with a faint leaf pattern on it.

In addition to the cab, there were these beautiful tubular beads in a turquoise color and square glass beads in a reddish color. To the kit I added turquoise/raku colored seed beads and vintage dark gold seed beads salvaged from an old beaded cap found in an antique store.

Also added - size 8/0 gold seed beads, size 15/0 gold seeds beads used in the bezel and in the edging and 6mm topaz Swarovski margarita beads used in the dangle. There are 5 size 3mm Swarovski bicones in the bezel for a little extra sparkle (two in the top corner and three in the bottom). The edge is something new to me. It is called Side Petal Edge and found in Dimensional Bead Embroidery by Jamie Cloud Eakin - a fabulous book by the way and one I highly recommend you add to your collection if you enjoy bead embroidery.

Tan Ultrasuede is used as the backing with a pin back including bail for use as a pendant.

Not sure yet what all the new year will bring me in the way of beading inspiration, but I'm hopeful it will be a creative year filled with lots of projects!


flyingbeader said...

Great pieces. Love the colors & that ring is fabulous

Dot said...

Exquisite pieces Grace. As always a visit here provides lots of inspiration! I have opened a new blog and would love you to pop by if you have time.
Have a wonderful new year.
Dot xx

Lisa Peters Russ said...

ok, your blog left me speechless! wish I could give you a great big jersey hug! xo

Rose Clearfield said...

All of these pieces are gorgeous! I especially love the ring. That is really unique.

Quilter Kathy said...

Hi Grace! Just dropped by to see what you have been up to. Happy to see all the amazing pieces you are creating!
Best wishes for 2012!

DVArtist said...

Your blog looks great as do all of your porjects. I am so glad Nicole's BeadBacking is going to Bead n Button with Carol and Lisa.
Great art my friend.

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